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As made evident at the Billboard Music Awards this year, Britney Spears is back, bitches folks.

The singer got super sexy on stage in Las Vegas last Sunday.

But what about Jamie Lynn Spears?!? Remember her?

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Britney’s little sister made headlines way back in the day when she became pregnant at the age of 16. She wasn’t married at the time.

A child actress and occasional country singer who appeared on All That and Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn now spends most of her time with seven-year old daughter Maddie and husband James Watson.

We’re guessing you have not thought about her in a very long time.

But that will change on June 26 when TLC airs Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out.

Spears appears to be doing very well these days.

But she hearkens back on camera to the lowest point in her life.

"The child star who got pregnant," Jamie Lynn says on the special of how she was viewed "A lot of horrible, nasty things were said."

At various points in the program, she breaks down in tears.

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Jamie Lynn has remained mostly quiet for years.

Back in 2012, she told Glamour:

"Like many young girls…I was really scared to go to the doctor. And I was on a Nickelodeon show, and it [felt] especially embarrassing to ask someone to put me on birth control."

She also said Maddie’s father, ex-boyfriend Casey Aldridge, was her "first love," adding,

"Since the day I saw him, I just wanted to marry him and be with him forever and ever."

That’s now how it worked out in the end, however.

It’s taken Spears a long time to be able to face the world with confidence, but she does so here, saying on the special:

"I’m not just a child star. And I’m not just someone’s sister. And I’m not just a teen mom."

The upcoming show documents Jamie Lynn’s country music career, depicting footage of her performance at the Grand Ole Opry this past March.

At one point, Britney introduces her on stage.

"Not only is she beautiful and extremely talented, she’s my little sister," the superstar proudly says.

Check out a preview for Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out now. Will you tune in for it?