Britney Spears Gets SUPER Sexy: 2016 Billboard Music Awards

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You guys, I think the old Britney has returned.

Evidence from last night confirms that Britney Spears - whose most memorable performance took place during the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards - has indeed gotten her sexy back.

Spears and her dancers brought the house down with a medley of different hits, including "Toxic," "Womanizer," "I'm A Slave 4 U," and "Breathe On Me."

Ok, enough chatter.  Let's look at her smokin' body in the gallery below.

1. #FierceBitch

Welcome back, Brit.

2. Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen
Yeah, she might have lipsynced her way through the medley, but look at her dance!

3. Dead Sexy

Dead Sexy
She's baaaaack.

4. This Is How You Leave Your Mark

This Is How You Leave Your Mark
Youths (Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande), take note.

5. Those Cheekbones Though

Those Cheekbones Though
Spears' residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas was extended through 2017.

6. Where Is Your Thong-Over-Flared-Jeans???

Where Is Your Thong-Over-Flared-Jeans???
I won't pretend I'm not disappointed over zero costume changes for "I'm a Slave 4 U."

7. Abs Abs Abs

Abs Abs Abs
Spears said on Instagram after that she was jonesin' for a cheeseburger.

8. Backshot = Bullseye

Backshot = Bullseye
Who else remembers first seeing Spears' fairy tattoo?

9. All Together Now!

All Together Now!
This was a nice change of pace from Spears' 2007 MTV performance, when her dancers all but carried her around the stage.

10. Give The Girl Her Gong

Give The Girl Her Gong
Spears said on Instagram after that she was jonesin' for a cheeseburger. Spears accepted the 2016 Billboard Millennium Award for her accompliments as a recording artist. She's only the third recipient of the award (the other two are Beyonce and Whitney Houston).

11. All Eyes On Brit

All Eyes On Brit
Everyone shut up. Britney's about to perform.

12. In Her Element

In Her Element
She's come a long way since whacking cars with umbrellas.

13. Shake It

Shake It

14. Raise Yo Hands

Raise Yo Hands
How the roof of the T-Mobile Arena didn't pop right off is beyond me.

15. BRB

Going to the gym forever.

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