James Franco Screams About Poop

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Earlier this week, a bizarre green screen video that featured Shia LaBeouf screaming at us about following our dreams made us wonder if artsy celebrity nonsense could possibly get any weirder.

Fortunately, James Franco answered that question by posting a 30-second clip in which he screams at us about the importance of pooping in toilets.

No, really. Check it out if you don't believe us.

In fairness, Franco's clip is supposed to be funny, whereas LaBeouf's is supposed to be...motivational? Inspirational? Rat tail-y? We're not really sure, but this one is better.

It may seem strange that Franco took the time to make and post a video about where and when to drop your deuce, but it actually makes perfect sense.

After all, anyone who loves McDonald's as much as James Franco probably spends a lot of time thinking about pooping. 

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