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If you’re wondering why Jaden Smith hasn’t been acting much lately…it’s because he’s not very good. (Go watch After Earth if you don’t believe us.)

But the official reason that Jaden gave up on Hollywood is so that he could focus on his music, and we have to say – he’s better at rapping than he ever was at acting.

That’s not saying much, but he’s definitely making baby steps in the right direction.

For example, in his new single "Scarface" (Apparently, Jaden didn’t the memo that every rapper alive made a song called "Scarface" while he was in third grade.), he’s dropped some of the creepy subject matter that made his earlier work hard to listen to.

Jaden’s not rapping about Kylie Jenner or threatening to drive by his ex’s house "real slow," so that’s progress.

Like Jaden himself, the video is self-consciously weird and it definitely tries too hard, but it’s not bad.

Of course, we would advise Jaden to stop rapping about his desire to "make the fame go away" unless he really means it. Be careful what you wish for, bruh.