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Hey, remember Honey Boo Boo?

Of course you do. HBB (real name: Alana Thompson) was a 10-year-old TLC reality star until her family was booted off the air when the world found out that her mother was dating the man who molested Alana’s sister.

Yes, long before the first Josh Duggar sex scandal, the Thompsons were creeping Americans out and sparking conversations about what sort of perverse culture allows the most dysfunctional families imaginable to become ultra rich and famous.

Obviously, her mother’s awfulness is not Alana’s fault, but the poor girl is at least partially to blame for the shrill, ear drum-exploding pop atrocity known as "Movin’ Up" that was unleashed on YouTube today.

Check out the clip above, but if you’re at work and you get canned for irritating everyone within a 6-cubicle radius – don’t say we didn’t warn you.