11 Memorable Scenes from the Star Wars Trailer

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer alert! Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer alert! These moments stick out most of all.

1. Oscar Isaac As...

Oscar Isaac As...
... an X-wing pilot. A panicked X-wing pilot, we should say.

2. Rollin, Rollin, Rollin...

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin...
Cutest droid on a ball ever!

3. Millennium Falcon Alert!!!

Millennium Falcon Alert!!!
As if the first sighting of the Millennium Falcon in over three decades weren't enough, this scene is scored to John Williams.

4. The Sith Lightsaber

The Sith Lightsaber
Perhaps the most memorable moment from a trailer full of them. Look at that thing!

5. John Boyega As...

John Boyega As...
... A Stormtrooper, we assume. But could this new cast member be posing as a Stormtrooper?

6. Stormtroopers... Assemble!

Stormtroopers... Assemble!
WAIT: If the Rebellion took down the dark side, why are their Stormtroopers? Might the Empire still functioning? Something to ponder.

7. Daisy Ridley As...

Daisy Ridley As...
Han and Leia's daughter? Or TBD. This is another new Star Wars cast member.

8. See Ya!

See Ya!
And there goes Daisy Ridley, speeding away from... something.

9. ZOOM!

There go some X-wing fighters, flying above water in the coolest of ways.

10. A New Falcon?

A New Falcon?
Has Han Solo been tinkering? Look closely and you'll see some alterations to the "fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy."

11. Taking Fire!

Taking Fire!
It may have a new look, but the Falcon has its old sleek moves.

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