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Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty amusing behavior from folks who just had their wisdom teeth removed.

There was the girl who professed her love for Ryan Gosling, the girl who thought  her post-op anesthetic haze put her in the perfect mental state for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and now we give you Wishful Thinking Boob Job Girl.

Between the heavy dose of drugs she was given and the mouth full of gauze, it can be hard to tell what WTBJG is saying, but you’ll get the gist enough to understand that she felt that if the docs were gonna yank her back row of molars, they could’ve been nice enough to hit her off with some implants, as well.

"It’s not nice that they didn’t do that too," says WTBJG upon realizing her breasts haven’t been surgically enhanced.

We’re with you, Wishful Thinking Boob Job Girl. We don’t want to live in a world where medical professionals don’t take it upon themselves to perform unplanned cosmetic procedures once we’re under the gas. Thanks, Obamacare.