Girl Gets Wisdom Teeth Removed, Wants to Have Sex with Ryan Gosling

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Most women don't need to be under heavy medication in order to admit they wish to have sex with Ryan Gosling.

But, hey, it can't hurt!

In the following (AMAZING!) video, a girl has just woken up from having her wisdom teeth removed and, although she may not be sure where she is, this patient is very sure that she wants to take it from the aforementioned actor.

She also wants to be a member of the Kardashian family and she thinks the dentist is hot and she doesn't like what being on marijuana may feel like and she just wants to suck... nevermind.

Watch now to see just how X-rated this poor young woman gets while sitting next to her embarrassed mother:

On the flip side, of course, there have been plenty of times when parents have humiliated their children:

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