Gary Shirley: I Wish I Could Ban Amber From My Life Forever!

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On this week's Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood didn't know what to do.

Leah hadn't fallen for her sob story or her tearful video. She hadn't even responded.

Gary and Kristina had to carefully consider what the best thing would be for Leah.

But Gary can't help but admit that, in a perfect world, Amber would be 100% out of his life.

Gary Shirley Delivers a Status Update

As you can see on the Teen Mom OG clip that we have included, Gary Shirley sat down with Kristina.

"Amber called me up," he told his wife.

"She apologized for everything," Gary revealed.

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Amber Portwood 03

"I did let her know that Leah had seen the video," Gary shared.

Naturally, Amber asked if Leah had anything to say to her after seeing her mom's tearful dramatic reading of a letter.

"No, not really," Gary had relayed accurately to Amber of 12-year-old Leah's response.

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Leah Shirley 02

"She did say that she didn't want to respond," Gary acknowledged.

"For Leah, it's just ... accumulated so many things that are, like, hard to forget," he explained to his wife.

"But for me, it's a start," Gary said of Amber's willingness to actually apologize.

Kristina Shirley Discusses Moving Forward

Kristina acknowledged that she felt similarly.

"I've forgiven her for, you know, the things that she has said," she told her husband.

"There just comes a time when we move forward," Kristina explained.

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Gary Shirley and Leah Shirley

"At some point, I want Leah to be able to see James, I want to see James," Gary expressed.

"I know that Amber is gonna want to see Leah," he pointed out.

"So even if it's, like, a small start," Gary continued, "I might try reaching out."

Gary Shirley Chats with Leah Shirley

"Would it be acceptable to invite her over here?" Kristina asked.

She asked if that would be okay "even though Leah's still feeling a certain way?"

The parents determined that this would be fine -- but Leah's interactions with Amber would be optional.

Amber Portwood Delivers an Apology

“Just because we apologized to each other and get everything out of the way, it doesn’t mean that Leah’s relationship is gonna be alternately fixed," Gary reasoned.

"Leah might still need time," he suggested.

"I know if we’re all getting along," Gary said, "it will make it easier for Leah.”

Gary Shirley Sits Down with Leah Shirley

But Gary knows his ex all too well. He knows that Amber's good behavior will not last forever.

"My biggest fear is we’re gonna fix this and it’s a matter of time," he warned.

Gary explained "because if her relationship isn’t repaired with Leah, it’s gonna be like, ‘Okay, you’re still mad at everything and you’re gonna take it out on us.’"

Amber Portwood & Leah Shirley Image

"Honestly, if I could have my way I would just be done with it," Gary confessed.

In other words, he would just cut Amber out of his life forever and not have to deal with her nonsense.

"But," he acknowledged, "it’s not the case."

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Leah Shirley 01

"We have a kid together," Gary reasoned, not mentioning that they're also castmates on a reality series together.

"We need to make sure that that kid's happy and healthy," he stressed.

"So, I'm gonna call her," Gary shared, "and see if she wants to come over."

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