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Sometimes, a headline cannot do a story justice.

Sometimes, you read something on the Internet and fail to understand how an affiliated article or piece of footage can possibly match the click bait-type of teaser that accompanies the item.

This, however, is not one of those times.

Just consider the following screen capture as evidence:

Over the weekend, a 53-year old woman later identified as Tina Kindred was arrested at an Outback Steak House near Silver Springs, Florida after she was discovered wreaking total and complete havoc inside.

Without any clothes on.

At all.

For whatever reason (we’re gonna take a wild guess and say alcohol was involved), Kindred stripped all the way down to her birthday suit, jumped up on the bar and just started hurling bottles and glasses everywhere.

You can hear and see them shatter in a video that’s been making it’s way around the Internet.

You can also see some impressive dexterity on the part of a middle-aged woman, who springs around like some sort of feral cat in the security camea footage.

When police finally arrived at the scene, this Florida woman tossed wine bottles in their direction as well.

The cop who confronted Kindred therefore had no choice but to bring her down via taser.

After Kindred was apprehended, she was placed in handcuffs before being transported to Advent Health for treatment.

She has since been charged with aggravated battery on law enforcement and felony criminal mischief.

According to various sources, Kindred also caused quite an upheaval at a Mojo Grill prior to taking her naked and violent act to this Outback Steakhouse.

At the first location, witnesses say she was topless and flipping over tables, while banging windows and screaming.

Photo via Florida PD

She then allegedly attempted to get into customer’s car… shortly before escaping and recklessly driving around in the parking lot, reads the sheriff’s report.

We guess that’s how she ended up at the Outback?

And at some point she took the bottom portion of her ensemble off?

It’s safe to say we have more questions than answers at this point — and it’s also safe to say that you must stop whatever you’re doing now and watch this video.

You will not regret it.