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This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has seen major conflicts and its share of controversy.

Even so, as far as what Erika Jayne had shared with her castmates, her marriage to Tom Girardi was as solid as ever.

But actually, that’s not the truth, something that Erika’s castmates learned on camera.

Their jaws dropped in horror, and you can see all of that and more in this preview of next week’s episode.

Erika Jayne’s picture-perfect May-December marriage to Tom Girardi has come up many times on the show.

We had all heard, since news of the divorce first leaked to the public, that it would be covered on the show.

As you can see in this teaser, fans weren’t the only ones absolutely stunned by the announcement.

Photo via Bravo

Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Dorit Kemsley are all shown reacting to the news.

Whether they happened to be on camera for the update or simply re-recorded as if they were just learning of it … who knows.

But it is clear that Erika’s divorce took everyone off guard.

Photo via BRAVO

It’s funny, because they don’t spell out the exact topic in this promo.

But we know that the timing is right for this to be the news.

Erika filed for divorce shortly before the cast took their trip to Lake Tahoe.

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi at Dinner

Meanwhile, the Lake Tahoe trip is expected to wrap up in next week’s episode.

So the timeline certainly seems to align perfectly for this bombshell to drop.

And we get plenty of detail about how everyone responded.

Kyle Richards, for example, is sitting in hair and makeup and checking her phone, as anyone might.

She is visibly started as she checks her messages.

Whether it was a news alert or messages from a friend, Kyle clearly got the news.

Photo via BRAVO

We also see Dorit seeming to respond to the news about Erika’s marraige.

In true Dorit fashion, she exclaims "what?!" while seemingly being recorded at home.

Both Kyle and Dorit video chat with each other and with Lisa Rinna to process the news.

The Hollywood Gossip

"What’s going on?" Lisa asks.

"Did you have any idea?" Dorit wants to know.

Kyle replies with an emphatic "NO idea!"

The Hollywood Gossip

"It’s Erika," Lisa is shown reasoning.

"So she had to do it like this," she explains.

"She couldn’t tell anybody," Lisa adds.

Photo via Bravo

"What the hell!" Kyle expresses.

That’s not an unfair question, considering the intense legal drama surrounding the divorce.

A lot of fans don’t know what to make of what they heard … and are hoping that this season can help them to sort things out.

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi Togetherr

Erika filed for divorce on November 3, 2020.

She and Tom had been married for 21 years.

Erika cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce.

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Reportedly, Tom has been accused of misappropriating as much as $2 million in client money.

The money properly belongs to the families of the victims of a 2018 Boeing jet crash that took place in Indonesia.

As you can imagine, this grim news has complicated the story of this unexpected divorce.

Erika Jayne Enjoys a Tasty Drink

Some believe that Erika has faked the divorce.

The theory presented by some fans is that she was somehow involved in this alleged embezzlement and hopes to hide this.

Given that the show is set to follow this drama, we can likely expect a lot of hard questions for Erika. Will we get answers, though?