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In the latest clip from Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham has an epiphany, apologizes to her family and anyone she’s ever insulted in a desperate plea for forgiveness for acting like a monster over the years and promises to change her ways.

Haha, just kidding.

In actuality, we see Farrah screaming at her mom as per usual, possibly trying to bait Nicki Minaj into calling her out on Twitter again so mainstream media will pay attention to her once more.

Nicki famously tweeted that Farrah was "a c*nt to her mother" last month, which was possibly the best thing that’s ever happened to Farrah’s career.

I’m sorry, but I kind of had to chuckle when I typed "career."

In the clip, we first see Farrah’s mom Debra sitting with her granddaughter Sophia, scrolling through pics Farrah sent them from England, where she’s shooting Celebrity Big Brother UK.

The photos show Farrah in a very low cut dress in front of Buckingham Palace, and Sophia tells Grandma, "Mommy’s boobies really big."

They ARE, Sophia!

Farrah then calls her mom, who is taking care of Sophia and the house while she’s away, and actually starts out acting semi-sweet. 

Deb tells Farrah her hair looks beautiful and she seems very pleased with the compliment. 

They engage in some chit chat and Deb tells her Sophia’s doing great, then Farrah brings up an abnormally high water bill she received and asks what’s going on.

"Have you been using excessive amounts of water, Mom?" asks Farrah.

Deb explains that the sprinkler had broke "or something," and Farrah jumped right to conclusions.

"You guys let the water run all day?" she demands.

"No," Deb says.

"You know what, don’t lie," starts Farrah, and then the clip cuts off, teasing a rant she’ll surely embark on in which she’ll tear Deb a new one for the 3,435th time.

Think maybe this time Deb will grow some mama balls and stand up to her daughter? Probably not, but we can dream.

And we probably won’t feel too bad for the reality TV star when Sophia grows up, makes just like Mommy and treats her exactly the way she sees Farrah treating Deb.

Lead by example, Farrah.