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We’ve known for a while that Kylie Jenner is transforming into Kim Kardashian.

It’s reached the point where Kylie looks almost identical to Kim in one of her most recent Instagram uploads.

But despite Kylie’e best efforts to transform herself into a sort of Kim Mini-Me, there are still certain gaps between the sisters with regard to their careers and public personas.

Kim married an A-list rapper; Kylie is getting cheated on by a one-hit wonder.

Kim is arguably the most recognized women in the world; Kylie is most famous amongst teens who shell out for her overpriced cosmetics.

And, of course, Kim made a sex tape, while Kylie remains at least partially clothed in all photos and videos that are released to the public.

But slow progress is better than no progress, which may be why Kylie had an "accidental" wardrobe malfunction while walking past a group of paparazzi yesterday.

Obviously, we’ll never know for sure if Kylie intended to flash her underwear to the photographers, but she didn’t seem to be too worried about preventing it.

Hey, we don’t blame her.

You can’t grow up with Kim Kardashian as a sister and Kris Jenner as a mom and not learn the value of public nudity at a young age.