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If any show makes a great case for why teenagers should not have babies (and then made famous because of it), it’s Teen Mom.

Case in point: Farrah Abraham.

Yeah, I know we could stop right there and you guys would be like, YUP, but Miss Farrah is throwing yet another spoiled-brat-diva tantrum in a clip promoting the season finale of Teen Mom OG.

In the clip, we see production staff arriving at Farrah’s house, only to be told by the star that they should not be there. Which is kind of funny because Farrah is completely camera ready in full makeup and heels.

Farrah tells the show’s co-executive producer Larry Musnik that filming shouldn’t be taking place because of a "void" in their agreement that resulted when the show wouldn’t let her "seek other forms of income."

Musnik explains that Farrah would be in breach of contract if she doesn’t let them film, but Farrah is not dissuaded and tells him to call her lawyer.

"I did everything on my end, sweetheart, so you can just take your little ass and get on a phone call and do your job," she tells him.

Evidently, Farrah is set to appear on another reality show that will focus on the relationship between her and her mother Debra. However, since Teen Mom OG covers a similar plot line, Farrah participating in the new show would be a conflict. 

But when Musnik tries to explain this to Farrah, she goes off:

"You know what’s so f**king laughable right now? Larry, I’m laughing. I would love to not laugh in your face! Why are you so white trash?"

And right now WE’RE laughing in Farrah’s face. Has she ever heard the story about the pot and the kettle?

Either all the Teen Moms have gotten way to big for their britches or the show is really pursuing storylines centering around the moms treating the producers like crap.

In a separate clip, we see Amber Portwood yell at a director for asking about a text she sent to her ex Gary Shirley.

Welp, that’s "reality" TV for you.