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Of all the people to give Khloe Kardashian a hard time about having work done to her face…

In the clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians below, Kim Kardashian, sitting with sister Kourtney and friend Jonathan Cheban, confronts her sister Khloe over the phone, asking her if she’s had Botox or fillers.

"Your whole face has changed," Kim tells her younger sister. "Did you do any fillers?" 

"No, I haven’t!" exclaims Khloe.

"You haven’t done any Botox?"


However, the three aren’t buying it.

"Khloe, your whole face changes when you laugh. It’s like, I stare at you," continues Kim.

"No way! But you guys, I think it’s ’cause like I’m forcing a fake laugh," Khloe tries to explain. 

Kourtney then pulls up a photo on her phone of their younger sister laughing, and the trio cackle wickedly at at Khloe’s expense.

Ummm… Do we all see the irony here? 

Granted, Khloe’s look has drastically changed over the years, but so has Kim’s.

In fact, the Kardashians and Jenners could easily be the poster family for plastic surgery. Amy Schumer once referred to them as "a whole family of women that take the faces they were born with as a light suggestion."

Kim owned up to getting Botox years ago and she’s been accused of having "frozen face" by many fans. Kourtney has never admitted to getting work done on her face, but has been very open about her boob job.

So why would they throw their sister under the bus like this? (Hint: ratings.) 

Watch below: