Farrah Abraham: My Daughter LOVES Watching Me Get Butt Injections!

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Face The Truth could not have had a better guest than Farrah Abraham, because it is difficult to find a worse guest than Farrah Abraham.

We saw Farrah Abraham freak out over her drug test results, but that wasn't the only topic that made her get defensive.

When the panel of experts confronted her about giving her daughter room to be a child, Farrah did not take it well.

Farrah Abraham Hears But Does Not Listen

Farrah and her mother, Debra Danielsen, appeared on Face The Truth opposite host Vivica A. Fox and panelists Dr. Judy Ho, Judge "Scary Mary" Chrzanowski, Areva Martin, and Rosie Mercado

Before the show came to a point where Farrah accused the panelists of sabotaging her urine sample to have her drug test come back positive for barbituates, Farrah had other issues.

When the panelists questioned her parenting choices, including bringing 9-year-old Sophia into the room as Farrah received butt injections, Farrah didn't care for it.

"Clearly," Farrah replied. "You stand in a point of you're not okay with it and that's fine."

Farrah Abraham Is Rendered Speechless

"In real life, there's no negativity, there's nothing going on," Farrah insists.

"I don't know how many kids you have or what you're doing," Farrah continues. "But don't say one thing when you're not the doctor."

Farrah then goes on to clame: "I'm a mom and I'm a damn good mom."

Mercado counters, referring to Farrah making a cutesie video while her daughter watches her get butt fillers. "That doesn't look like that's a really good mom."

Farrah Is Not Happy

In case it's unclear why the panelists are taking issue, Fox explains: "There are people now that are having to get surgeries to have things removed from the body, from the butt, from that whole craze."

They're not telling Farrah that she can't get butt injections -- they're telling her that doing it in front of her 9-year-old may be sending her the wrong message.

Farrah doesn't get it, and insists that she's just getting a "normal boost of collagen."

She says that she's not "putting fake cement in my butt and going to the emergency room."

Farrah Abraham Rolls Her Eyes, Deep in Thought

Farrah believes that the educational value of the experience makes it worth it for Sophia to watch.

Fox says in disbelief: "At 9-years-old, your 9 year old daughter needs to be educated about collagen being shot in your ass?"

Farrah's response does not go over well with the audience.

"I'm sorry, babies get shots in their butts every day," Farrah insists, as if that were the same. "Go to your pediatrician!"

Farrah on Face the Truth

She also does not like it when the panelists talk about the real risks involved of letting a 9-year-old like Sophia be on social media.

"I will step away while you look in and just sensationalize the negativity," Farrah says before storming off. "We do not pay attention for that for mental health reasons."

Fox points out that all of this adds up to Sophia not really getting a chance to go through normal and healthy developmental milestones.

"Are you allowing Sophia to be a kid?" Fox asks. "You're taking your child to cosmetic procedures."

Fox continues: "To me, in my opinion, you're having her pose in sexually suggestive ways. What's wrong with her just being a kid?"

Farrah Abraham yells on Face The Truth

"Nothing's wrong with her being a kid," Farrah retorts. "I actually am so disgusted with how everybody is so in tune with all the negatives."

She hates that they're "allowing those negative, disgusting connotations to butt in on creativity and what kids want to be a kid and want to be fun and creative."

"And that's something I'm not going to do," Farrah concludes.

This is the problem with ignore the haters rhetoric -- some people, like Farrah, cannot tell the difference between hateful trolls and genuine critiques.

Farrah stormed off, and Dr. Judy Ho -- who really is the best of the bunch at phrasing things delicately -- tried to calm her by assuring her that they're not trying to attack her.

Farrah Abraham Punches a Water Bottle

To show that she's actually super mature, Farrah has since posted a video of her trying to punch a water bottle but instead punching a man's hand.

Farrah's captions reveal that she wants to punch Vivica A. Fox: "When I want to beat up the host on the show (host = water bottle)."

In case there was any ambiguity, she added the tag "#facethetruth."

Some people absolutely cannot tolerate criticism, whether it is blunt or delicately phrased. Farrah is one of those people.

The panelists were harsh with Farrah, but we suppose that they had to be -- otherwise, she'd just interpret their words as praise.

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