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"Genius" is not a word that immediately springs to mind when one thinks of Farrah Abraham.

But when it comes to self-promotion and the ability to cling to relevancy despite a total lack of talent or likeability, it might be the only word that fits.

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Take, for example, the former Teen Mom star’s latest act of diversion.

For weeks now, fans and critics alike have been begging Farrah to stop messing with her face.

Farrah routinely receives injections to make her appear more wrinkle-free, but many fans believe the shots have grotesquely altered the shape of her face.

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Her "new look" was on  full display during a recent visit to the zoo with daughter Sophia.

"Some one wants me to bring them home," Farrah captioned an Instagram Story, in which she nuzzled up to a giraffe.

Fans, of course, were quick to have their say.

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"This video of you and the giraffe is frightening!" one follower wrote.

"Like do you see the shape of your face?! You legit don’t even look human anymore. You’ve got to stop injecting your face dude."

"Horses and giraffes are cousins. So this must be a relative?" another added.

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"The resemblance is striking."

One commenter remarked that Farrah and the giraffe have "the same lips".

"Jesus. Stop getting fillers. Looks awful," another wrote.

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Now, someone who lacks Farrah’s social media savvy might have clapped back or told the trolls to mind their business.

But Farrah knows that if you don’t like what’s being said, sometimes, the best strategy is to simply change the conversation.

And so, she did what she does best — she slipped into a bikini and posed for some poolside pics.

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"I so can’t believe it’s October. Pool day with the girls," Farrah captioned her latest Instagram Story,

Yes, Farrah is employing some basic distraction tactics by shifting the focus away from her face and onto her curves.

Farrah posts bikini pics like it’s her job — and we guess that’s sort of what it is — but this time, she’s not promoting anything.

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It seems she simply wanted to draw attention to the work she’s had done below the neck, rather than above.

Fans certainly aren’t above pointing out that Farrah is full of implants and fillers all the way down to her toes, but at least when they talk about her body, they’re not comparing her to a zoo animal.

Most folks would probably just take some time away from social media after a debacle like the zoo pic.

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But we’re pretty sure Farrah is incapable of doing that.

And so, she posts in such a way as to move the commentary in a different direction.

If followers are talking about Farrah’s fake boobs, then they’re not talking about her face, her shoddy parenting, or any of the dozens of other topics she would rather avoid.

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Most of us don’t think of Farrah Abraham as having any talent of any kind.

But we have to give credit where it’s due — she’s actually quite gifted at managing her own messy career.

It’s better than nothing, we suppose.