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It’s not often one feels bad for Farrah Abraham.

Normally, when the Teen Mom OG hellion makes headlines, it’s because she’s throwing tantrums or picking fights with better-known celebs.

However, in this clip for the Teen Mom OG season 2 reunion, we see Farrah’s vulnerable side.

Previously, Farrah claimed that her parents had abused her when she was young, beating her with a belt so hard it left cuts, bruises and scars.

In the clip, host Dr. Drew asks Farrah about her past, and we can see she is holding something back.

"You had had something horrific happen in childhood," says Dr. Drew. 

He then describes "traumatic reenactment," a phenomenon that occurs when adults reenact terrible circumstances that have happened to them in the past. 

He appears to suggest that Farrah has reenacted her abusive childhood through some of her choices as an adult, and with each comment, Farrah simply replies with a curt "Yeah."

When he comments that she looks sad when he talks about it, she finally speaks.

"It’s so sad," she says, smiling. "I don’t really feel like people should have to go through with that."

"That’s part of life," she adds, like it’s NBD.

But after Dr. Drew tells her to stop dismissing it, she finally loses it and begins crying.

We’ll let you enjoy seeing the softer side of Farrah. It rarely comes out, but we have to say, we wish it did more often.