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Fans often get nostalgic for old celebrity relationships, and the romance between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber is one they just won’t let die.

Selena Gomez has told the media many times that she is DONE with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, but why should we believe her?

Especially when her Instagram behavior kinda hints that she may be missing him. 

The "Same Old Love" singer recently "liked" a old video a fan posted that showed her and Justin back when they were still dating.

In it, the two are seen talking to Simon Cowell, and Justin promises the American Idol judge that he’ll "look after her."


Little did we know at the time, it was Justin who needed looking after. But we don’t know if anyone would’ve wanted that job.

But while Selena may be enjoying her trip down memory lane, recent reports say she sees a baby in her future – with Niall Horan.

Before you get excited about a new couple alert, word is she only wants his seed.

Selena doesn’t have time to bother with messy relationships anymore, but she does want to have a baby at the ripe age of 23, and apparently she thinks Niall has some worthy DNA.

We don’t know if he’s actually sat down with a laptop and a cup yet, but we’ll keep you posted.