Farrah Abraham Defends Parents' Child Abuse: No One's Perfect!!

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What the actual f--k.

Farrah Abraham: FVP Gifting Suite

Farrah Abraham need only utter once sentence, and she's in trouble.  

She may have found her calling in adult entertainment, but Abraham still thinks that parental speak is where she thrives.

Brandi Glanville invited Abraham on her podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, and what the Teen Mom star had to say about parenting styles and her troubled childhood is beyond inappropriate.

Glanville brought up Abraham's abusive past, which allegedly involved her parents, Debra Danielson and Michael Abraham beating her with a belt when she misbehaved.

“That’s some of the therapy that we share and we go through," Abraham told Glanville, according to Fish Wrapper.  "I think there’s different parenting styles.”

Abraham has her parents - who are now divorced - watch six-year-old Sophia when she's away on business.

When Teen Mom first aired, viewers watched as Abraham's disastrous home life unraveled.

"At that time we really didn't [have a relationship] because of some of the abusive things that had happened. My parents got put into jail, both my mom and my dad.

"My family and I have such a different dynamic now. We've talked through a lot of our abuse. Not everyone's a perfect parent.

"We do learn and we grow from that. I'm not trying to be harsh on my family because it does make them sad to think back about how they used to be and some of their choices. . . . 

Maybe keep some things to yourself, girlfriend.  It's great that you're moving forward in your relationship with Debra and Michael, but let's not classify alleged abuse as a "parenting style."

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