Farrah Abraham Flushes Foe's Shoes Down the Friggin' Toilet on TV

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When we reported that Farrah Abraham would appear on Ex on the Beach, we warned that she'd be awful.

What we did not yet know at the time is that Farrah would also be violent.

After getting into a physical fight on last week's episode, Farrah continues the feud by flushing the other woman's shoes in the toilet. Gross.

Ex on the Beach Farrah Abraham vs Nurys screens 01

Farrah Abraham made waves on last week's episode when she stuck her nose into everyone else's business.

Things came to a head -- or, rather, to a crotch -- when kicked Nurys in the groin.

Please do not do that for ratijngs, or for any other purpose except to save your life.

Security swooped in and Farrah had a bit of a timeout, and this week's episode picked up where last week left off.

(To be fair, both Nurys and Janelle also had to spend nights in hotels -- good for Ex on the Beach for having a strict no-violence policy)

This week, Farrah and Nurys confronted each other for an "apology."

Farrah Abraham on Ex on the Beach

In the mean time, remember those Free Farrah posters that the other castmates had made while Farrah went to court?

(This was a court appearance over Farrah's arrest for battery, trespassing, and resisting arrest in June of last year)

Nurys tore down the posters. Rude, but ... understandable.

If Farrah's court battle seems like something that should discourage her from further brawling, you're not alone.

Cheyenne Parker pointed out that Farrah was the last person who should be fighting people.

"She's in a very precarious legal situation right now," Cheyenne notes. "She probably shouldn't be kicking anyone right now."

Ex on the Beach Farrah Abraham vs Nurys screens 02

As you can imagine, when Farrah found the torn shreds of posters, she took it very calmly.

Just kidding!

"Don't attack all of my amazing amazing signs that my housemates spent their time on making for me!" Farrah demands.

"Disrespect me, disrespect my stuff," Farrah warns. "You will not be respected and karma's a b--ch."

She flushes Nurys' shoes in the toilet, which is just extremely gross.

"Don't threaten me; don't trip me; don't f--king attack me," she cautions everyone.

Farrah insists "I'm just staying away from literally everything, everyone and f--k 'em."

Ex on the Beach Farrah Abraham vs Nurys screens 03

"I don't have to apologize," Farrah insists to the camera.

"Because I reacted like a normal human being," she claims.

Quick note: we are struggling to think of a single time that Farrah has reacted like a normal human being to anything, ever, in her life.

Farrah continues: "But better than a normal human being, because a normal human being wouldn't have stopped f--king hitting her."

Even the show's voiceover points out that Farrah is out of touch with reality.

And then we get to the "apology."

Farrah Abraham Offers "Apology"

When she and Nurys do come face to face, Farrah quickly becomes incensed.

"I apologize for you insulting me, for touching me," Farrah very angrily and loudly tells Nurys.

"And I'm the bigger woman," Farrah asserts. "I'm the woman who knows what really happened."

Farrah then insists: "You're out of control!"

Curiously, she is not saying that into a mirror.

She then angrily walks away.

Farrah Abraham Walks Away

When Farrah dismesses Nurys as "trash," Nursy responds, speaking to Farrah's retreating back.

"B--ch, you're the trash!" Nurys points out. "You kicked me in the vagina because I was having a conversation with someone."

Farrah, still walking away, is still trying to grasp the upper hand.

"Get a hold of yourself, out of control groupie," Farrah says.

"She's still lying," Farrah accused. "And a trashcan. She's a whore."

Ex on the Beach Farrah Abraham vs Nurys screens 04

"I know I'm a bigger person," Farrah asserts.

"Do I need to apologize to someone who put that on themselves?" she asks. "Who called that for themselves?"

"Who f--king deserves worse than what she got?" she asks, then answering herself: "No."


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