Cory Wharton Takes Aim at Farrah Abraham: Thanks for Your Money, Loser!

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In case anyone was wondering...

... it looks like Cory Wharton will fit in just fine as a member of the Teen Mom OG cast.

How can we say for certain?

Here, Daddy

Because the fitness coach is already firing shots at deposed MTV star Farrah Abraham.

Speaking to the Domenick Nati Show this week, Wharton - who cable network viewers might recognize from his days on Ex on the Beach and The Challenge - opened up for the first time about his casting on Teen Mom OG.

As previously detailed, Wharton is joining the series this fall as the baby daddy (not boyfriend!) of fellow newbie Cheyenne Floyd.

Wharton has the opportunity to do so, of course, because MTV fired Abraham several months ago due to her ongoing participation in amateur pornography videos.

Does Wharton wish Abraham were still around?

Does he yearn to spar with her on air or just interact with her in various ways?

Nope, not really, he says.

Cory Wharton and Family

"I could give two sh-ts less if Farrah was on this season," Cory said during the aforementioned interview, elaborating a bit as follows:

"I think it would be great, more ratings, more exposure for us. I could care less. If she's happy doing what she's doing, I have no problem taking her spot this season."

And then here comes the shade:

"You can pass her check right over here and I'll be okay with that."

HA! We love it.

And we love it even more because we're guessing Abraham will hate it and respond in some crass manner on social media.

Farrah Abraham Solo

Wharton is following a long tradition of slamming Abraham, as Maci Bookout recently took aim at Farrah herself via a recent Instagram caption.

It also appears as if Wharton will be following the even longer-running tradition of getting into major arguments on air, considering the way he teased what fans can expect when Teen Mom OG premieres on October 1.

"There's probably be some type of physical fight," he said in the interview. "There's going to be lots of tears."

Sounds par for the MTV course.

Here's a closer look at what's to come on Season 8:

Finally, Wharton explained his relationship with Floyd a little clearer.

Folks had been under the impression in the past that Cheyenne didn't tell Cory he was the father of little Ryder until the girl was six months old.

But that isn't exactly how it played out, he now says.

"Cheyenne did tell me she was pregnant right away," according to Wharton.

"She told me there was a chance that it could be mine, but it wasn't really likely because you know, we hooked up in New York. We weren't really a thing at the time... We hooked up and after that she started seeing somebody else... They were dating.

"We didn't think it was mine beause it was only one time."

Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton with Daughter

Ah, okay then.

At this point, however, Cory and Cheyenne co-parent amicably and, as anyone who follows Wharton on social media knows well, Cory gets to spend a lot of time with his child.

"Had a fun day at the apple orchard with the family," he wrote as a caption to the first image above, concluding:

"I just wanted to say thank you guys for all the positive comments and messages, I’ve gotten after letting everyone know we are joining the Teen Mom series.

"THANK YOU GUYS!!!!! Please look at Ryder’s face in the last picture. I think we already embarrass her."

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