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90 Day Fiance star Big Ed Brown has been racing to wear out his welcome with fans.

He acts like a total creep, chasing after much younger woman with cartoonish thirst.

Off camera, Ed has been accused of assault by at least two women.

After a recent and damning leak, the petition to for TLC to fire him is picking up steam.

Big Ed Brown Under Siege

Big Ed Brown has not exactly hidden his creepiness.

Maybe he tried — at least, tried to deflect his behavior.

But dating single moms much younger and less financially secure than he is was always a red flag.

Big Ed Brown is Nervous to Date Again

Almost any two adults can date, of course.

Two people can be coworkers, meet through mutual friends, on a dating app, whatever. It happens.

But when there’s a pattern of one person dating younger women … it creeps people out.

Big Ed Brown Speaks on B90 Strikes Back

Ed has openly spoken about how he is not interested in dating women his own age.

(Sorry — we should clarify that he did make an exception … for Jennifer Lopez)

He spoke of trying to date women who are at least as old as his daughter as if it were a huge sacrifice on his part.

Ed Brown for 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

Big Ed’s notorious behavior has earned him a nickname among fans: Big Pred.

But it’s not just the age and economic realities of the women whom the 56-year-old targets.

It is also the abhorrent way that he treats them.

Big Ed Brown Speaks to the The Single Life Confessional Camera

Ed went into his relationship with Rosemarie already telling her lies.

He lied about his height.

Some passed this off as a little white lie that they found excusable from a disabled man.

Ed also lied about his intentions.

Rose wanted more kids, and Ed didn’t share his vasectomy plans.

Ultimately, when he finally told her the truth, she broke up with him.

Rosemarie Vega Wants Two Children With Ed Brown

Ed knowingly wasted Rose’s time in a relationship that was going nowhere.

Why? Presumably, either to sleep with her or to get famous.

It’s unclear which of those motives for deception is more sinister.

Big Ed Brown And Rosemarie

Additionally, Ed interrogated Rose about her sexual history.

He falsely shamed her dental hygiene. He shamed her body hair.

He also demanded that she take an STI test … but declined to take one himself.

Big Ed Brown and Liz Marie

By the time that Big Ed was dating Liz, he had clearly thought more about his image.

Seemingly hooked on interviews and addicted to reality TV fame, he knew how many eyes were on him.

So when he, as a regular customer, asked out a waitress at his favorite restaurant, he tried to tone it down.

90 Day The Single Life Ed Brown Tries To Kiss

At least, that’s what he did on camera.

Because when they weren’t filming for 90 Day: The Single Life, Big Ed was just as toxic as ever.

Liz had already described how he would demand that she leave his house when they had arguments.

Liz on a First Date

But it gets even worse.

In a damning video shared to Instagram by blogger John Yates, we hear a recording of Ed and Liz.

In that recording, Ed bombards Liz with insults for minutes.

He repeatedly insults her intelligence.

He also seems to shame her for even asking if he’d mind if she gave a coworker a ride home.

Many fans knew what sort of person Big Ed was … but to some viewers, it was a shock.

As a result, a pre-existing petition has been getting new attention and is nearing its goal.

The petition aims to pressure TLC to fire Big Ed Brown because of all of the listed reasons and more.

Will it work?

Big Ed Brown Faces the Truth

Grimly, fans have few hopes that TLC or Sharp will give Ed the boot.

TLC has fired some awful people (Lisa Hamme, Geoffrey Paschel), but Big Ed is a moneymaker for them.

Reportedly, Big Ed is filming for another season of The Single Life. We expect it to be gross.