The Bachelorette Preview: Surprises, Heartbreak & Love (?) For Katie Thurston

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If you've been following The Bachelorette Spoilers, you've heard a lot about what's coming up.

Katie Thurston's season is promising a lot of surprises and game-changers.

And, on the teaser for the rest of this season, ABC is piquing fans' curiosity.

Katie can't spoil her own season, but she's also offering commentary on the glimpses of what's to come.

Katie Thurston Poses

The teaser does its job -- to entice viewers to keep watching -- very well.

One of the first things that we see is a lot of very handsome men dressed as cowboys.

Make that shirtless cowboys.

Katie Thurston on Set

Katie's season is being put forward as a beacon of sex positivity.

While sex positivity itself is an unequivocally good thing, some wonder if it's just a cynical angle taken by the network.

After all, they can only do the "virgin" storyline so many times before fans get bored.

Katie Thurston Instagram Image

Katie spoke to Entertainment Tonight about this aspect of her season.

"I'm embracing who I am," she expressed.

"And if a guy can't accept me being sex positive or talking about sex," Katie warned, "it's just not gonna work out."

Katie Balls Out

Katie also confirmed that she did "have sex in the Fantasy Suites."

That's almost a given for the franchise, but many stars play coy on the topic.

Clearly, Katie is hoping to weed out repeats of previous villains like Luke P before they get very far. That's smart.

Katie Thurston Shrugs

There is a lot of very healthy emotional expressiveness from the men in the trailer.

And then men aren't the only ones who are gushing.

Katie seems to return that admiration.

Katie Thurston Bachelorette Picturer

"You make me happy every day," she tells one suitor.

Katie is heard telling a man: "When we're together, it's magic."

We even hear Katie whisper "I love you" to one of her contestants.

Katie on Instagram

Speaking to ET, Katie dished that she fell "in love more than once" while filming her season.

On one level, we would love to believe that she's hinting at a long-hoped-for polyamorous finale.

However, it's more likely that she just means that she fell for multiple men before choosing just one.

Katie Thurston as The Bachelorette

Drama begins to explode on Katie's season when Blake Moynes arrives late.

As is customary on these shows, the men who were already there rally against the newcomer.

He also makes a classic, '80s-inspired romantic overture.

Blake on the Bachelorette

"I am a little bit late to this, but Katie is the one, so I just had to show up," Blake explained.

Meanwhile, another contestant is heard demanding that Blake "get the f--k out of my way."

That's just rude.

Katie, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams

Katie admitted in her interview it was "a little awkward" since Blake had previously dated one of the show's hosts, Tayshia Adams.

"The way Tayshia handled Blake is something that's very involved," Katie characterized.

She then teased: "so you'll just have to see kinda how that pans out."

Blake Moynes Is Back

"… She got to talk to Blake first," Katie noted.

This is when the teaser moves over to 31-year-old gym owner, Mike.

Remember when we said that they can only do the "virgin" storyline so many times? Well ...

Katie Thurston for ABC

Mike has not had sex before, which means that he comes with cultural stigma and emotional baggage.

"I didn't think it would come this quick," Mike laments at one point.

"Sex is not something I take lightly," he is heard explaining. Or, clearly, something that he takes at all, which is perfectly fine.

Katie Thurston as a Suitor

In a positive way, Katie shared that Mike is "someone who surprised me."

"You guys will have to see how that relationship develops," she teased.

Though she had nothing but positive things to say about Mike, Katie added: "I mean, it gets intense."

Katie Thurston Photo

The preview teased so much more, including making it seem like someone came on the show "for followers."

That playful editing aside, we also see emotional breakdowns and an ambulance arriving.

A sobbing Katie also laments that her time with a suitor was "cut too short."

Katie Thurston on the Couch

"I came here to fall in love," Katie asks at one point in the teaser.

She wonders: "Do I continue here or do I just leave now?"

"I am done. I am done. I am done. Someone book my f--king flight home," Katie is shown saying.

Katie Thurston Picture

Katie admitted in the interview that a "very hard" moment prompted her to be "ready to call it quits."

That, we are to understand, is the context when she cries and says "I'm just, like, heartbroken" in the trailer.

Katie did not spoil the end of her season.

Katie Thurston on Night One

But Katie did share that she is "very happy" now.

"Everything happens for a reason, and when you embrace that and let go of control, then you find your happiness," she stated.

Katie then added: "I'm engaged to myself, that's what I've been saying for now."

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