90 Day Fiance (Un)Happily Ever After: Elizabeth BRAWLS With Becky!

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 continues!

On Episode 7, a Potthast family meeting backfired spectacularly.

Angela got some bad news -- well, bad news for her, great news for anyone who will ever be around her.

Brandon and Julia received an important envelope, but it wasn't quite what was expected.

Jovi and Yara braced for yet another painful goodbye.

A near miss with death totally changed the nature of Kalani and Asuelu's marriage.

Thanksgiving was one of the most awkward family moments yet for Mike, Natalie, and Trish.

And Tiffany fessed up, telling her dad everything about Ronald's history.

1. Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet
Andrei goes full soap opera villain with his plan to manipulate Chuck into giving him exactly what he wants -- to keep him employed but not having to work with his siblings-in-law.

2. He meets with Chuck

He meets with Chuck
There, he explains that this is hard, but that if he doesn't keep this job, he might not get his green card and could be deported. If he's deported, Andrei threatens, Libby and their daughter would come back to Moldova with him -- and you know, he's probably right about that.

3. His scheme works

His scheme works
Chuck is terrified of losing his daughter and grandchild to Moldova, and not only wants to fix things -- he wants Andrei to work with him instead of with the other members of the family.

4. Chuck summons everyone to the marina

Chuck summons everyone to the marina
He has chartered a yacht. Meanwhile, we have some grim foreshadowing of the unresolved issues between Libby and her sister, Becky. Becky was fairly supportive until Andrei became a threat to her work.

5. Chuck has a plan

Chuck has a plan
He wants the whole family to drive up together on a massive RV for a family reunion in Maryland. He says this on a chartered yacht. He probably chose this venue because it was easier and safer to gather on a boat than with this many people in person, but WOW the financial realities and how they contrast with other stars on this show are hard to miss.

6. Charlie says his usual line

Charlie says his usual line
It's kind of like super formulaic police procedurals where every detective always has the same role in solving the case, but instead of going "here's a weird, esoteric fact about clowns" or whatever, Charlie's line every episode is just "Andrei is taking advantage of dad!" We get it, dude. When Libby challenges him, asking HOW he's taking advantage of him, Charlie asks: "How is he NOT?" A fair question with a fair answer.

7. Elizabeth feels attacked

Elizabeth feels attacked
She will later insist that an attack against her husband is an attack against her, which sure is a choice on her part, but for now she's asking why everyone has a beef with Andrei. Perhaps she should watch previous seasons for her answers.

8. Becky nails it

Becky nails it
She accurately describes Andrei as "a manipulator," which is ... true. We saw that on this episode.

9. This sets off Libby

This sets off Libby
She and Becky get into each other's faces and it becomes a physical altercation before the two are separated (Jenn heroically jumps between them to calm things down)

10. OH NO

Then Libby lunges at Becky. It's ugly, it's a mess, and it's the opposite of what this Rich People Yacht Conversation was supposed to accomplish.

11. Chuck's day is ruined

Chuck's day is ruined
He says as much, and also adamantly affirms that the family business will not and must not be the downfall of their actual family.

12. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela returns to see her future facelift surgeon, Dr. David Saadat. But that surgery will be further in the future than Angela had imagined.

13. It's been postponed, and Angela should know why

It's been postponed, and Angela should know why
Dr. Saadat tells Angela that she must wait four weeks until she can have surgery because she has been constantly and unapologetically smoking despite the health risks, and he is not willing to have her die on his operating table just because she's some sort of feral tobacco-goblin (okay that's not how he phrased it, but still).

14. Angela can't lie or "charm" her way out of this

Angela can't lie or "charm" her way out of this
Angela often tries to solve problems with her transparently fake smile, outright lies, what passes for "charm" from her, and also with verbal abuse and screaming.

15. He will nicotine test her

He will nicotine test her
So no, Angela won't be able to just bat her eyelashes and lie her way out of quitting smoking. She also has to sign a contract in which she agrees to pay Dr. Sardaat if the surgery must be canceled due to Angela failing her nicotine test or refusing to take it. Smart.

16. Almost immediately ...

Almost immediately ...
We see Angela smoking again in the car. It doesn't matter if this was on the way home or if it was filmed another day and just added in to make it look like she's smoking on the way home. It's been annoying for years to watch Angela smoke around other people -- it's often unclear if she fully appreciates that other people have their own feelings and comforts and might not want to be around that. But it's clear that her addiction is even more severe than people first assumed.

17. Angela also has something else on her mind

Angela also has something else on her mind
Michael has not been in as much contact lately. She is feeling rejected and unsupported by her husband, who is opposed to the plastic surgeries.

18. Angela resolves that she doesn't need a man

Angela resolves that she doesn't need a man
Many fans have been hoping that they would divorce, given that they fear what life would be like for Michael if he were married to Angela in person for an extended period of time. But longtime viewers know that Angela being angry doesn't necessarily mean a breakup.

19. Meanwhile, in Nigeria

Meanwhile, in Nigeria
Michael is helping to crush yams and chats with his Aunt Lydia (yes, she thinks that women should obey their husbands, but her name is Lydia and she is his aunt, so this isn't just a Handmaid's Tale reference) about Angela planning yet another surgery. He's opposed ... and the money is a sticking point for him.

20. Ever watch someone be right and wrong at the same time?

Ever watch someone be right and wrong at the same time?
Lydia accurately describes Angela as "very selfish," but in her mind, it's because Angela -- a grandmother -- should be using the money so that she and Michael can have a baby together. It's not clear if that will actually ever happen.

21. Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina
Brandon and Julia received a letter that has been hyped up for like two weeks now. It's from immigration and it's for Julia.

22. Let's look!

Let's look!
Seated on the porch with Betty and Ron Gibbs, they open it. It's not a green card, but a work visa that will also allow Julia to travel.

23. A what?

A what?
Betty and Ron aren't sure what to make of it but reason that if "Brandon says it's good," it must be a good thing.

24. Hooray!

At this point, Brandon and Julia have been married for only about half a year, so this has been long-awaited.

25. Julia is SO ready for this

Julia is SO ready for this
This is what she has wanted ASAP -- permission to work a normal job that does not involve livestock or mud or food or droppings or any other nightmare barnyard nonsense that she never really signed up for when she fell in love with Brandon.

26. She's ready to move out

She's ready to move out
The two can move to Richmond -- a compromise between Brandon's lack of desire to move out and Julia's desire to live in a larger city. With Brandon's income and with Julia also pulling in an income, that should be doable.

27. However ...

However ...
Betty says that they should celebrate this news with a new wedding celebration, this time with family.

28. Please no

Please no
It's only been months since they married. It wasn't ideal -- it was a COVID wedding -- but this just isn't on the agenda for the actual married couple. Julia says that if they have a second wedding, it should be in Russia where HER family and friends can be part of it. She also suspects that Betty wants to use something like that to keep them on the farm longer, which Brandon labels a "Julia Conspiracy Theory."

29. Meanwhile ...

Meanwhile ...
We get a cute, low-drama look at Julia's first foray into pumpkin-carving. It's a cultural experience, as Julia is discovering which things that she's seen in films were real vs which things were not. (School lockers are real, for example)

30. Julia carved a bat!

Julia carved a bat!
However, Brandon showed her the wrong way to empty the pumpkin? You cut a hole in the top to give the pumpkin a lid first. It makes the candle insertion easier, it makes extracting the goop easier, and it frees up your creativity to carve as narrowly as you like in front. But this is probably how Betty and Ron taught him to do it, and Betty makes lasagna by putting whole slices of tomato it in, so ... consider the source.

31. Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya
Jovi is about to head off on another work trip. Best case scenario, he will be gone for weeks. There is also a chance that he will be gone longer -- as he has previously seen work trips extended due to COVID-19 concerns.

32. This is painful for both of them

This is painful for both of them
For Yara, it's about being a parent alone without his help or emotional support. Remember, they've only been married for a matter of months at this point. Jovi will miss her -- and Mylah. He also worries about missing out on milestones and coming back a stranger to Mylah, which isn't an unreasonable possibility. Several weeks are a lifetime to a baby.

33. Yara won't be completely alone

Yara won't be completely alone
Gwen, easily one of the best in-laws to ever appear on this franchise, has shown up to help and is prepared to help Yara. There is a possible hurricane heading for New Orleans, and because that is totally outside of Yara's wheelhouse, Jovi will feel safer with her and with Mylah staying with Gwen while that happens -- and hopefully longer while he's gone.

34. She helps them load up the pickup

She helps them load up the pickup
Yara is adorably concerned that not everything will be safe in the back of the truck. Pickups are foreign concepts for many people (honestly, even in parts of the US) so that is understandable.

35. Gwen reminds them that she's there to help

Gwen reminds them that she's there to help
Gwen herself went through some single motherhood and knows what Yara is going through. She also tells the camera that she understands that there are cultural issues at play and also that she and Yara are still getting to know each other.

36. Goodbyes are so hard

Goodbyes are so hard
Yara tears up as they embrace goodbye. This isn't going to be easy for either of them.

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