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At the beginning of the season, Ed Brown admitted that he was lying to Rosemarie about his true intentions towards her.

In this sneak peek, his chickens come home to roost. Rose learns the truth … and totally ghosts him.

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Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of Big Ed’s own actions. …

Ed knew, long before he headed to see Rosemarie in person for the first time, that he was harboring two secrets from her.

First, he had lied about his height, claiming to be just above five feet tall when he is in fact just below it.

Second, Ed had not told her that he doesn’t want more children and instead wants a vasectomy, even knowing that she wanted more kids.

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Right after Ed stirred up drama between Rosemarie and her family (specifically her sister), they seemed to be in a good place.

Ed affirmed to Rosemarie that he loved her after she said the same to him — she wants his heart, not his money.

Then, of course, she added that she wanted to give Prince two younger siblings, having kids with Ed.

Ed, who has known all along that she wants this and that he does not plan on having more kids, realized that he couldn’t keep up the lie much longer.

Ed Brown Stares Out the Window

This sneak peek begins with Ed waking up and looking forlornly out the window.

"Last night, I finally revealed to Rose that I want to have a vasectomy," he explains to the camera.

"And," Ed further clarifies, "I don’t want any more kids."

"And when I woke up this morning," the 54-year-old complains of the 23-year-old, "she was gone."

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Viewers of the sneak peek then see Ed wandering around the hotel, as if he had to physically look for her, as if she might be in the pool.

(Real talk: production knows exactly where she is)

"She’s not answering my texts," Ed continues, "and she’s not answering my phone calls."

"I’m really worried," he expresses. 

Ed Brown is Worried and Confused

"She didn’t leave a message with the front desk," Ed adds.

"I looked all around the hotel," he says. "But she’s nowhere to be seen."

"I don’t know where she is," Ed reiterates. "I’m really confused and I’m sad."

It’s not clear what’s confusing. If she wanted to leave because he spent this whole time lying to her, why would she leave a message?

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"Coming into this vacation, I thought she wants to marry me," Ed recalls.

"It was really more about me trying to figure out for myself," he expresses. "Was Rose the one that I wanted?"

"Now it’s a 180. Now it’s Rose really sorting out for herself whether or not she wants to be with me," Ed laments.

That is, and we cannot emphasize this enough, what happens when you are dishonest about something so fundamentally important.

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Not everyone wants children at all. In Ed’s case, he is simply done having children and does not wish to conceive any more.

But decisions about whether or not to have kids (along with many parenting decisions) are vital before any marriage.

Rosemarie has gone on for all of this time believing that she and Big Ed are on the same page about having kids.

For Ed to lead her on for so long and suddenly confess his lie … well, it’s no surprise that she ghosted.

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In a recent (and swiftly deleted) Instagram video, Rosemarie Vega accused Ed of being a liar.

She expressed the opinion that he was fake and had just used her for fame.

Ed’s pattern of behavior since then — from proclaiming himself to be the most authentic 90 Day Fiance star, ever, and more — fits the bill.

All of this adds up to the story of Ed being one of this season’s biggest villains — though in that regard, Geoffrey Paschel is still the worst.