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They say patience is a virtue, but even virtues have limits.

A Dutch man spent 10 days at an airport waiting for a woman he met online, but ended up dateless – and hospitalized – after all that.

According to media reports, Alexander Pieter Cirk, 41, arrived at Changsha’s Huanghua International Airport in July looking for love.

It was there he hoped to meet a 26-year-old woman surnamed Zhang, whose acquaintance he had apparently made over the Internet.

Alas, he was stood up. For a freaking week and a half.

After eight days in the terminal, he told Hunan ETV that he had met her online in May and would not leave until his "girlfriend" arrived.

Zhang, somewhat incredibly, is a person who exists.

However, she told the same broadcaster by phone that she had not expected Cirk to actually come to Changsha and couldn’t make it.

Want to guess the incredibly important reason?

She recently had cosmetic surgery which made it "inconvenient" for her to step outside, she said … though she does feel kinda bad.

"I was really shocked. When we started, we were aiming towards (marriage), but he slowly became a bit indifferent towards me," she said.

"But when we started we were both on good terms," Zhang added, reiterating that she really was surprised to hear he came to China.

When she found out is far from clear, but it’s little consolation to Cirk, who had to be taken to the hospital after becoming malnourished.

After 10 days of waiting with little to eat or drink but instant noodles and soft drinks, he was taken to receive treatment via a wheelchair.

Wow. Seriously, talk about adding injury to insult.

Even still, he vowed to see this romantic journey through and "have a good talk with the woman I love, (and bring her) back to my hometown."

Finally, the cold, hard reality sank in however.

Cink returned to the Netherlands, minus a few belt notches instead of adding one (sorry), and without ever having set eyes on Zhang.

Hopefully he’s back on Tinder by now?