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It may be a reporter’s job to report on the news.

But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy for a reporter to keep a straight face while reporting on the news.

Case in point: the woman who had to tell viewers about an "emergency defecation situation."

And now we have another example:

The FOX4 news team in Kansas City recently informed fans of something that may be of interest on Valentine’s Day weekend… Naked Yoga

Channel 4 anchor Mark Alford explained the concept of this coed nude exercise classes being offered at an area studio; while his female colleagues – including meteorologist Karli Ritter – tried to keep it together in the background.

But you can easily hear them say things such as "gross."

From there, Alford said he doesn’t see anything wrong with the idea; heck, aren’t "dog down" and "warrior" the perfect positions for people to try out in the buff.

"What would be the best pose for naked yoga?" asks Alford before cutting to the weather report, at which point Ritter jumps in with: "Not happy baby."

She then doubles over with laughter, while stock footage of Happy Baby comes up in the background and everyone just loses it.

Our staff included.

You have to watch this segment unfold.