Drake & Rihanna Get Their PDA On: Watch Now!

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Drake and Rihanna are a very cute couple. 

They have yet to confirm their romance, but they made it clear as day during a performance on August 31

The performance took place in Miami and they got super close to one another while performing "Work."

A Hug for Rihanna

They were all over one another and it was pretty great. 

It was only a few days ago that Drake confessed his undying love to Rihanna during the MTV VMAs. 

They may have been trying to keep their relationship quiet at first, but it seems they are now going full steam ahead and aren't afraid of people knowing about it. 

After the VMAs, they were pictured looking very affectionate with one another. 

This didn't sit well with Chris Brown, who mocked them on Instagram. 

Chris Brown Instagram Still

Luckily, it didn't develop into a full blown feud. 

That's no doubt down to the fact that Chris Brown has been acting super sketchy and waving guns at women. 

If that wasn't bad enough, he then refused to surrender for fourteen hours. 


Rihanna made a lucky escape from that bad egg. 

Rihanna's relationship with Chris was full of drama, so we're glad she's finally moved on. 

The 2016 VMAs were career defining for Rihanna, who wowed crowds with four different performances. 

She essentially performed the full set from her tour.

Not many singers get the opportunity to do that, but it shows how popular Rihanna is with fans. 

Some of her songs may sound like she's mumbling her way through them, but they sell records and people love them. 

What do you think about Rihanna and Drake's PDA?

Do you think they make a great couple?

Hit the comments!

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