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We can’t say for certain that Chris Brown is trying to reignite his feud with Drake, but given the timing of Breezy’s new Instagram rant …

Chris Brown Middle Finger

After a gushing Drake kissed Rihanna at the VMAs Sunday evening, Chris … posted a picture of himself performing on social media.

Taken by itself, that would be pretty harmless. However …

Chris showered praise on Lil Wayne, writing, “Supported my favorite rapper last night in NEW ORLEANS BIG BRO FOR LIFE @liltunechi."

Again, harmless. But then he went off with more angst: "If it wasn’t for him a lot of these fake ass rappers wouldn’t get an opportunity.

"Real friends don’t depend on record sales or cosigns."

"Day 1 family!"

Drake GUSHES Over Rihanna at MTV VMAs

Considering that Drake had just admitted his undying love for Rihanna on stage, he seemed the most likely, not-so-coincidental target.

Not only that, Chris promptly took the post down, as if he thought better of it and didn’t want to actually renew any old drama with Drake.

Speculation? Totally. Of course.

Far-fetched? Not so much.

Breezy and Drizzy have never been on the best of terms because of Rihanna, 2016’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award winner.

In a way, Chris will always be tied to his ex-girlfriend, given the shocking events of 2009, and to Drake, her BF and his longtime rival.

The bad blood infamously boiled over in 2012 with Chris Brown and Drake’s bottle-throwing brawl and a now-shuttered NYC nightclub.

Both sides came together and quashed the beef publicly, even collaborating on music in the aftermath, and everything settled down.

Yet with Drake clearly having won a long-term place in the star’s heart, however, and Chris having once beaten the s–t out of Rihanna …

Let’s just say it’s never been totally over between them. So when Drake confesses that he’s been in love with her since he was 22, well …

Chris Brown Sings the Blues

That was seven years ago, when Chris and Rihanna were dating. Drake’s critics have also labeled him "fake" more than a few times.

It’s not hard to draw the conclusion, in other words, that a known hothead like Chris Brown would fire off some incendiary words online.

What do you think? Are we reaching? Has Chris given us any reason to think he’s not on the verge of a meltdown at any point in life?

Hit the comments to discuss.

A Hug for Rihanna