Dan Bilzerian Asks Cop For Gun During Vegas Shooting in Insane Video

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On Sunday night, 59 people were killed and hundreds more were injured in the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

Video and photographs from the attack chronicle an unimaginably horrifying scene with victims falling in the street and heroes dragging the wounded to safety.

But one video that's gained a tremendous amount of traction on social media focuses neither on the shooter nor the innocent civilians who were gunned down, but instead reveals the unexpected involvement of a controversial internet celebrity.

Dan Bilzerian, Guns for Days

Dan Bilzerian's Instagram page has nearly 23 million followers thanks to the 36-year-old's talent for presenting a lifestyle that reflects an archetypal male fantasy.

Based on his social media uploads, it appears that Bilzerian spends most of his time hanging out with scantily clad models and firing off massive guns.

Bilzerian's weapon arsenal is the stuff of legend, but it seems the professional poker player found himself unarmed and off-guard when Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd at a country music festival earlier this week.

Previous video of Bilzerian at the shooting seemed to show him fleeing the scene and resulted in widespread criticism.

Bristol Palin's husband Dakota Meyer slammed Bilzerian as a "coward" in a scathing social media post.

Dan Bilzerian Gun Photo

Now, however, new video has emerged that shows Bilzerian running toward the scene of the attack and attempting to assist police in bizarre fashion.

Without question, it was foolish of Bilzerian to interfere with police attempting to bring down an active shooter, and we're sure many will argue that the interaction captured on video was nothing more than a publicity stunt from a man who's made a living marketing himself as a gun-toting badass.

That theory may never be proven or disproven, but the video below does seem to verify Bilzerian's argument that he wasn't as blindly concerned with his own safety as Meyer and others claimed.

Check it out:

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