Dan Bilzerian Hangs With Donald Trump, Thinks You're a P--sy

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You obviously know that Donald Trump's bid for the White House is somehow still trundling along, but did you know that Dan Bilzerian is also running for president?

Donald Trump, Dan Bilzerian Photo

It's true. Bilzerian's campaign has thus far consisted of him posing for photos with anonymous, surgically-enhanced boobs and selling "Bilzerian 2016" t-shirts that you can purchase for the set of boobs in your life, but technically, he's running for president.

Of course, like just about everything else in Bilzerian's life, his "presidential campaign" is clearly a joke, which helps explain the photo above.

Not surprisingly, the Internet's most famous professional bro is throwing his support behind the bro-iest candidate in history (sorry, Warren "Hard-On" Harding), Mr. Donald John Trump

"In an age of pussified political correctness, you have to respect the people who remain unfiltered," Bilzerian captioned the above photo.

We won't be the first to point out that it's a bit hypocritical to call other people p--sies as you pose with a fruit plate and bottled water with another guy who was born wealthy, but it bears repeating.

But really, we can't even hate on this.

A Trump-Bilzerian ticket would not only be endlessly entertaining, it would make perfect sense.

They both failed their way to the top; they've both been involved in some seriously shady business dealings over the years, and they've both (unsuccessfully) attempted to portray themselves as self-made men despite inheriting millions.

And for those of you hoping that 2016 would see the election of our nation's first woman president, Trump and Bilzerian spend so much time over-compensating for something that we're guessing they're pretty damn close, ya know?

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