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It’s all happening for Jinger Duggar.

The 26-year-old (Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s sixth oldest child of 19), has been courting former pro soccer player Jeremy Vuolo, 28.  

The couple, who got engaged on July 25th, had been introduced by Jinger’s brother-in-law, Ben Seewald in May 2015.

In a new preview for Counting On (below) the Duggars at first seem skeptical of Vuolo.

Jessa Seewald, 23, initially thougth Vuolo was messing with her younger sister’s heart.

Jinger Duggar Jeremy Vuolo Surprise Engagement Pic

"I thought, ‘This guy — surely he has another girl already,’” she confessed. "But we’d found out that he didn’t!"

Vuolo appears to be a very sincere, very kind guy.  Over coffee with Jim Bob, Vuolo asked for permission to court Jinger.
"I just wanted to speak with you about having the opportunity to court your daughter," Vuolo said nervously.
Jim Bob gave the athlete a blank stare, which either indicated he didn’t approve, or proved there’s not a lot happening in that procreation-lovin’ brain of his.

TLC knows that viewers are most interested in the courtship ("I am completely in love," Jinger gushed during an interview), but there’s also a small focus on Jill and Derick Dillard, who are grappling with bringing another child into the world due to their work in Central America.

"We are hoping to have a child in the near future," Jill said.

"There are a lot of dangerous realities that do come with living in a place like Central America," Derrick admitted.

Derick Dillard Braces Pic

"You know, kidnapping, rape, murder. Those are realities here everyone has to face on a daily basis.  It’s a lot different from back home in Arkansas."

What Derick failed to mention was the threat of Zika virus, an epidemic that is spreading wildly throughout the Americas.  The virus is known to cause a severe defect in newborns, and experts have not yet found a vaccine.

Anyhoo, courtships and engagements!  That’s what the Duggars do!  

A new season of Counting On premieres August 23rd at 8 p.m. on TLC.