Jill & Jessa Counting On: 13 Storylines to Watch in Season 2!

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The Duggar family is returning for Season 2 of Jill and Jessa: Counting On, and there are no shortage of storylines for TLC to focus on.

While 19 Kids and Counting primarily with how such a giant family dealt with its daily life, the spinoff has shifted its focus dramatically.

Zeroing in on the titular adult offspring and their young families, as well as the next generation of Duggars coming of age, there's a lot to cover.

Here are 13 stories we are ... wait ... wait for it ... Counting On!

1. Jinger Duggar Courting Jeremy Vuolo!

This is first, foremost and most obvious, as TLC has already promised that Jinger Duggar's courtship with Jeremy Vuolo will be a major focus this season. The sixth-eldest Duggar and her former soccer star turned preacher beau should be some of the primary fixtures throughout this run of episodes.

2. Anna Duggar Addressing Her Life

Anna Duggar Addressing Her Life
How the show handles the ongoing, sad saga of Anna Duggar will be by far the most interesting - and telling - aspect of Season 2. Is she taking Josh back for good? Did his family put the pressure on, or does she truly believe it was the right thing to do? How is she rationalizing that to herself, and others? What is their living situation like? So many questions we may finally have answered ...

3. The Sexual Deviant Elephant in the Room

The Sexual Deviant Elephant in the Room
Will family pariah and international disgrace Josh Duggar finally make his way back on screen, as some sort of subtle-not-subtle trial balloon at a family birthday party or gathering, or in a full-scale storyline devoted to his recovery from "sex addiction" and efforts to crawl back into Anna's good graces? The smart money is still on "no" ... he's so toxic, even for the Duggars, that a mere glimpse of his face on screen could make fans' skin crawl. You never know, however, especially given the recent resurgence of stories regarding Josh struggling to find his way.

4. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard ... Doing Whatever it is That They Do

What exactly Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard do as missionaries in Central America has long been a topic of discussion - and controversy. Perhaps Season 2 of Jill & Jessa: Counting On will shed some light on what precisely Israel's parents are up to ... and whether or not they're deliberately trying to present themselves differently than people's perceptions of them might entail.

5. Jessa and Ben Trying to Stay Relevant

Jessa and Ben Trying to Stay Relevant
Let's face it ... Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald may be among the better known figures in the famous family, but they are vastly becoming less interesting. Not necessarily in a bad way. If anything, lack of notoriety can be a virtue for this lightning rod of a family. It should be interesting to see how they attempt to angle for screen time against her rising star siblings, however.

6. Jana Duggar ... Continuing to Be Put Upon

Jana Duggar ... Continuing to Be Put Upon
In Season 1, we saw a great deal (but never enough!) of Jana, the eldest Duggar daughter, sometimes referred to as the “Cinderella Duggar.” Producers made it very obvious that they were trying to show how Jana does things other than raise her siblings, including home improvement projects and coordinating a wide variety of activities. However, Jinger's courtship further confirms that Jana is quite literally always the bridemaid and never the bride ... and that the bridesmaid likely picks up the slack for everyone else. Sad, really.

7. More Joy-Anna!

More Joy-Anna!
This one is more a request than anything based on specific goings-on, but if TLC and producers have any brains, they will shift more focus to one of the breakout stars of Jill & Jessa: Counting On Season 1, the amazing, lovely, athletic, charismatic and multi-talented teenager Joy-Anna Duggar!

8. Who's Pregnant?!

Who's Pregnant?!
If you think about it, it's been way too long since we had a good Duggar pregnancy announcement. You know either someone in the family will be expecting a new baby, or the Duggars will shamelessly tease the possibility that it MAY happen in the near future. Either way, whether it's on Season 2 or later on down the road? which Duggar do you think will be knocked up next?

9. Birthday Party Fun!

Birthday Party Fun!
By virtue of their 19 kids and growing stable of in-laws and grandchildren, there are just so many birthdays in the Duggar family for producers not to film a throwaway episode or two devoted to one (or two, or 10). They have some pretty solid party planners in the family too, it's worth noting.

10. The Kids!

Let's face it, there are plenty of cute kids in this family. Expect Spurgeon and his ilk to provide plenty of levity ... as filler goes, you could do a lot worse.

11. Amy Duggar Being Awesome and Rebellious

Amy Duggar Being Awesome and Rebellious
Rebellious in relative terms, of course. Nothing about the Duggars can truly be described as such compared to people in other families who truly act out ... but by their standards, cousin Amy speaks her mind and carries herself with a genuine "IDGAF" attitude. The fact that she does so in defiance of Jim Bob, Michelle, Josh and others makes it all the more awesome.

12. Giving Testimony

Religion is at the crux of all the Duggars do, and as much as they've downplayed this at times, they can't hide their beliefs any more than you can get past the fact that they don't believe in premarital hand-holding. Expect plenty of religious references - and the obligatory, inevitable fallout from critics.

13. Advertiser Fallout

Advertiser Fallout
No sooner did TLC bring the Duggars back then major companies began yanking ads from Jill & Jessa: Counting On, often issuing scathing public statements in order to distance themselves from a family that, for many people, will always be associated with childhood sex abuse and/or blatant hypocrisy. While the network and the Duggars rode out the storm last season, there's no reason to expect anything less than the same reactions from critics, and problems retaining sponsors, in Season 2.

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