Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber: Out and About in Tokyo!

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Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber have had a tough couple of days. 

That's all thanks to his fans trashing Richie all over social media because of her relationship. 

This isn't the first time this has happened. It's happened on several occasions with One Direction stars and their partners. 

The thing that sent this argument into overdrive is that Selena Gomez felt the need to chime in with her take on the events. 

Her input got wasn't met with the best reception from Bieber and the two of them exchanged jabs on social media. 

Gomez decided to be the bigger person and agreed she shouldn't have said anything

She apologized through Snapchat [below].

Selena Apology Snapchat

There was word that Sofia weighed in on the feud via Twitter, but she's since confirmed she did not. 

She even put a video on Snapchat of her singing, "Let Me Love You."

We can just imagine the beliebers going crazy right about now.

With Justin's Instagram well and truly deleted, he continued to spend time with Richie in Tokyo. 

Bieber's Purpose World Tour had two dates in Tokyo, so he took Richie with him. 

If you want to know who Sofia Richie is, we have all you need to know about her below. 

Bieber and Richie's relationship has been whirlwind, to say the least. 

The two really do make a cute couple. 

Just look at them ride on bikes together in the video below. 

What do you think about the relationship?

Watch the video below and hit the comments!

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