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Last we checked in on Chris Brown, he was begging Karrueche Tran to take him back via heartfelt song lyrics.

Okay, he mostly bragged about how many times he cheated on her and then implied that she’ll never do any better, but they were heartfelt by Chris Brown standards, dammit!

Unfortunately, if you thought that meant the beginning of a kinder, gentler Chris Brown, think again.

Reminding the world that he’s friends with Scott Disick for a reason (they’re both douche bags), Chris posted a video to social media last night that pretty much sums up his entire public persona: stoned, misogynistic, possibly a cartoonish supervillain.

Before you watch the clip below, be warned that Breezy appears to have engineered some sort of technology that’s capable of capturing your actual nightmares and turning them into 8-second Instagram clips.

"A lot of times, ladies don’t like to give me the p-ssy on the first date – but in time, I’ll smash," Brown tells the camera in his best Heath Ledger voice.

Thankfully, the clip cuts out before Chris has a chance to elaborate on his plan to convince unsuspecting women to have sex with him.

Can every actor who ever played Batman just gang up and kick this dude’s ass already? We’re counting on you, Adam West!