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At some point, we’ll stop being shocked by Donald Trump.

But that point didn’t take place when he referred to most Mexicans as rapists… or when he said terrible things about women… or when he got into a feud with Pope Francis.

And it definitely did not occur during Thursday night’s Republican debate in Detroit.

Very early on, after being challenge by opponent Marco Rubio to focus on policy issues over insults, Trump assured viewers that he had a large penis.

“Look at these hands. Are these small hands?” Trump asked the crowd, holding up these body parts in response to Rubio’s claim last month that his political foe doesn’t measure up in the hand department.

At the time, Rubio then implied that this meant Trump didn’t measure up in the private part department, either.

So, referring to this past insult and also to his genitals, Trump added:

“If they’re small, something else must be small.  guarantee you there’s no problem, I guarantee you.”

Yes, Donald Trump guaranteed the world that he has a sizeable male unit while on stage to state his case for why he ought to hold the most powerful office on the planet.

We wonder what we get in return if Trump’s guarantee ends up being incorrect.

And we also wonder how these Republican debates continue to sink to even lower depths than we imagined possible.

Watch the exchange and Trump’s response below: