Scott Disick to Chris Brown: I Can't Bang All These Chicks on My Own!

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Recently, Chris Brown was spotted hanging out with Scott Disick at a club in Los Angeles.

No one could imagine what these two might be doing together, aside from arguing over who's the more colossal mega-douche, but now we know they were shooting the video for Breezy's new single, "Picture Me Rollin'."

You probably imagine a Chris Brown video starring Scott Disick would be a highly douchey affair, but you have no idea what you're in store for.

Things begin with Chris screaming at a woman in a car and defending his violent tendencies. Seriously.

Then he gets a call from Disick - who, last we checked, is still trying to win back Kourtney Kardashian - asking for Chris' assistance, because Scott simply can't "f--k all these b--ches" on his own.

That's not to say the song doesn't include some gentlemanly lyrics ("If you don't smoke, girl, it's alright/That's more for me, so I don't mind"), but we'd like to point out that this is the first single off of the album named for Brown's daughter, Royalty.

So maybe Scott and Chris bonded over burdening their kids with absurd, oddly-regal names?

Nah, it was probably the douchiness. They're realized they're both unbelievably douchey.

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