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Chris Brown may have an anger problem.

We know, we know: we’re going out on a major limb by making this statement.

But hear us out:

First, Brown bludgeoned Rihanna’s face into a bloody mess when those singers were dating.

Then, he got really angry on many occasions when asked about the incident.

Photo via TMZ

Then, just a couple weeks ago, he allegedly held a gun to a woman’s face simply because she wanted to take a close look at a piece of jewelry in his house.

On Sunday, meanwhile, Brown was taking part in a celebrity basketball game on the campus of USC when he went off on some fans in attendance.

In the video below, we see the singer nearly pull a full Ron Artest and storm into the crowd.

He’s held back by security, but that doesn’t stop him from making his thoughts about certain attendees very well known.

What set Brown off in this case? It doesn’t take much with this deranged and egotistical individual.

The Hollywood Gossip

But there’s a good chance some folks at the game had a problem with Brown sitting during the national anthem.

Yes, Brown really did sit during the national anthem. On September 11. And laughed and joked around with other players while doing so.

We don’t think this is exactly what Colin Kaepernick has in mind with his protest:

The Hollywood Gossip

It’s difficult to hear what Brown is saying over the loud music, but he definitely screams "f-ck everbody" at one point.

There’s also some talk about him deserving some "respect," which is laugh out loud hilarious.

The only thing Chris Brown deserves is scorn, derision and the end of his music career.

"I don’t care who’s here, get it straight," one of the security guards says over the music at one point.

We’re not sure what that means.

But we are sure that Chris Brown is a violent thug who is never far away from his next beating.

Check out the artist’s latest confrontation below and join us in hoping he ends up in jail some day.

We don’t even care what the charge is. He’s going to deserve it.