Khloe Kardashian Totally Makes Out with Tristan Thompson!

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More like PD... hey now! Get a room, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson!

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward have basically taken their relationship public, having been spotted together at the Drake concert in Los Angeles over the weekend/

But they weren't merely spotted together, of course.

Khloe Kardashian Kisses Tristan Thompson

They were spotted dancing, cuddling and playing a serious game of tonsil hockey!

Indeed, Thompson may play basketball for a living, but he's getting to first base with Khloe in the video below.

It was filmed by a fan in attendance at the event and uploaded to Instagram.

Kardashian and Thompson are apparently getting rather serious rather quickly.

They were seen at a few nightclubs together over the past few weeks and then they just got back from a trip to Mexico.

According to E! News, it was very “clear” that Khloe and Tristian “were a couple” at the Drake concert, with an insider adding:

"They were PDA-ish but not overboard... laughing together a ton and having a super good time."

Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson signed an $80 million contract about a year ago.

He then went on to play a key role in the Cavs winning the NBA Championship this past June.

Khloe, meanwhile, was married to Lamar Odom for about four years. He also played professional basketball.

She later dated James Harden for several months, and he also played professional basketball.

Heck, she was even linked last year to Rick Fox... and would you care to guess the sport he played for a living for many years?

This appears to be a theme not just for Khloe, but for her sisters as well:

But no judgment here.

Thompson seems like a nice guy and we really have felt for Khloe over the past year or so. She's so clearly been struggling with her divorce from Odom.

Any time we watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, we're reminded of how much she loves Lamar.

He's made it basically impossible to be with him, however, giving Khloe no choice but to move on.

We don't know how long she and Thompson will last, but we hope she's happy and we hope he treats her like a loose ball:

Go hard after Keeks, Double T. And once you get her, cradle her in your hands and don't let anyone else get close to her.

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