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Chris Brown’s friends and family are very worried about him, and not just because he’s an obviously unstable human being with violent tendencies:

Fool is hooked on sizzurp.

The latest evidence? Chris and his friends were spotted last weekend at an L.A. pumpkin patch where Chris took his daughter, Royalty.

They went there to buy a pumpkin, but they brought their own provisions: Instagram photos show a double-stacked red cup at his feet.

Right behind him, another.

Chris’ camp says that this has been an ongoing problem and that it’s been getting worse over the last few weeks, even around his kid.

Drinking sizzurp around a one-year-old likely isn’t advisable, and he even tested positive for codeine during custody battle for Royalty.

He had a prescription for it, so it didn’t hurt his legal cause … yet. A new video shows that this issue may be escalating quickly, however.

At a birthday party for Tyga’s son King a few weeks ago, Chris is seen in the clip holding the signature double cup while riding a bike.

The footage also shows a guy carrying a bottle of codeine and soda, mixing it in the parking lot … in broad daylight, at a little kid’s party.

For his part, Chris isn’t buying it, and says it’s "bulls–t" that everyone around him is concerned about something that’s a total non-issue.

Not sure that Chris’ baby mama Nia Guzman – or Tyga’s baby mama Blac Chyna for that matter – will necessarily be so happy-go-lucky.