Cassie Randolph: I'm Trading in that Fugly Ring Colton Got

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Fresh from his season on The Bachelor, Colton Underwood has been gushing that Cassie Randolph deserves the world.

Cassie agrees -- or, at least, she wants a better ring than the one that Colton has right now.

As you can see in the video we've included, Colton's current ring isn't quite to Cassie's taste -- or to most people's. But there's a reason for that.

LadyGang featuring Colton Underwood and ring 05

In an appearance on E!'s LadyGang, the latest Bachelor gets raked over the coals for his "choice" in engagement rings.

"I got a double-halo square cut [ring]," Colton Underwood confirms in the preview clip highlighted by the good folks over at The Ashley.

You can tell from his voice tone that he is already laughing at himself a bit.

"You idiot!" exclaims host Becca Tobin. "It's not a Super Bowl ring!"

She demands to know: "What the f--k were you thinking?!"

LadyGang featuring Colton Underwood and ring 03

"I didn't order it!" Colton protests.

The ring in question was something of a gag gift from Jimmy Kimmel, who is an incurable prankster.

"It's amazing," Keltie Knight interjects, providing some much-needed affirmation.

"But," she notes. "It's not what you want."

"Yeah," Colton acknowledges.

"So you're gonna trade it in before you do the deed," Keltie summarizes.

LadyGang featuring Colton Underwood and ring 02

"A double halo ring is the most basic bitch ring in the entire world," Jac Vanek opines to viewers.

She continues: "I apologize to anybody who has a double halo ring."

It's unclear if she's apologizing for her own statement ... or expressing sympathy because they have such a ring.

Becca theorizes: "Neil Lane was like ‘What’s the ugliest piece of s--t in here that we’re never going to sell? Here ya go, Colton. Congratulations.'"

Then Keltie drops a bombshell.

"I have a double halo ring," she reveals. "And it's f--king beautiful."

LadyGang featuring Colton Underwood and ring 04

Keltie then instructs Colton to get Cassie on the phone.

"You guys are really cute," Becca affirms to Cassie, who is on speakerphone.

"Also," she notes. "We heard that you're gonna switch the ring in."

"Good call," she praises while Cassie laughs.

"I just have a very particular idea in my mind," Cassie says, being careful to not insult an entire category of rings.

"Yeah yeah," Becca says, sharing her much harsher opinion. "That Super Bowl ring is not gonna be good."

LadyGang featuring Colton Underwood and ring 06

Becca then throws in a dig: "Might be good for Kaitlyn Bristowe, but you're better than that."

So, a quick point of order: Colton and Cassie are still not engaged.

Also, the Neil Lane ring came via Jimmy Kimmel, as we mentioned.

Even Jimmy admitted that the ring was just an offer, and that they could choose something more suited to their tastes.

"If you don’t want that one," Jimmy told them on his show. "You can pick out a different one. It doesn’t have to be that ring."

LadyGang featuring Colton Underwood and ring 01

Honestly, some people are going to have extremely strong opinions about engagement rings.

Most people don't really care this much about other people's rings, though.

But you don't give a TV show to a panel of people if they're all super nice.

A real highlight of this was just Keltie telling the camera -- not her co-stars -- that she has the type of ring that they were all just reading for filth.

This video is just a preview clip, so we really hope that we get to see everyone's reaction to that knowledge.

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