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The Bachelor ended with a twist, and now everyone is wondering: will Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph actually get married?

They’re not even engaged yet — just dating, and learning more about each other.

On Monday, Colton very publicly gushed about how amazed he is by Cassie.

Colton and Cassie

Taking to Instagram, Colton Underwood made his feelings known about his beautiful girlfriend.

"I’m proud of you," his post begins.

They’re both in the spotlight in a major way, but it sounds like they’re both handling it pretty well.

"Throughout this whirlwind of a last week," he notes. "You have balanced so much…"

It can be difficult to keep living your life when you’re overwhelmed by media attention.

Cassie and Colton Picture

Colton then gives specifics about Cassie’s grace under pressure.

"From spending all 5 hours on the plane working on school work," Colton says.

Cassie, as you may recall, is studying speech pathology.

He continues: "to staying up late to take quizzes with the flu."

Remember, it’s still flu season — and climate change means that flu seasons will only get longer and weirder with each coming year.

Good for Cassie for managing to power on through it.

Kissing Cassie Randolph

Despite these obstacles, Colton praises, "you continue to work hard."

"And," he concludes. "Deserve everything this world has to offer."

That is very sweet.

Despite the personal touches, some aspects of that sound like how one might praise a friend or a very studious horse.

But we have to remember that Colton is more or less new to the world of dating.

Colton and Cassie in Bed!

Us Weekly spoke to insiders about the couple’s relationship status.

"[Cassie has] gotten to see Colton away from the cameras," the insider started.

"And," the source said, Cassie "is happy that they’re still together and getting to know one another."

From the looks of some of the very cozy pictures that they have shared, we’re sure that she’s enjoying every moment.

“They’re taking it slow for the time being," the insider affirmed.

A Kiss for Colton

"They have the same, very religious beliefs," a separate source noted.

"And," that insider affirmed. "They are a great match."

"Their relationship is rooted in faith," the source expressed.

"And," the insider added. "They have a deep love for each other."

At the very least, it sounds like they’re taking their relationship very seriously.

Cassie Randolph

Cassie made her own gushing post about Colton just days ago.

"You have shown me the purest, strongest love that any girl could ask for,” Cassie gushed.

“You jumped a fence, took a risk, and challenged the ‘rules’ to fight for us," she continued.

She concluded: "I can’t even begin to describe how lucky I feel to have you by my side."

Well, for better or for worse, they’ve definitely reinforced the idea that people who are meant to be together will fight to be together.

But others find Colton’s refusal to accept Cassie’s break-up a little creepy, even if it turned out okay in the end.

It will certainly be interesting to see whether this romance becomes an engagement, and if that engagement becomes a marriage.