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North West. Saint West. Chicago West. Kim and Kanye have picked some of the wildest names for their children.

Now that Kim and Kanye are expecting baby #4, their new baby name has big (baby) shoes to fill. What it will be is anyone’s guess.

But in a new interview, Kim reveals exactly how she goes about choosing names for her children.

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Betting pools are formed when a new Kimye baby is born, because everyone wants to know the name.

Kim appeared alongside Khloe and Kourtney for an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, and he had to ask her about her process.

"Does everybody weigh in on the name of the baby," Kimmel asks. "Or is that just between you and Kanye?"

"No," Kim answers. "We all weigh in."

"I definitely take a family survey," Kim affirms.

Some people go an entire pregnancy — or years before it — knowing their baby’s name.

Kim chooses a name differently.

"But," Kim notes. "It’s usually after the baby’s born."

She explains that it’s after they’ve seen their child "and we’re trying to figure out what the baby looks like."

"I usually go about 3 or 4 days nameless," Kim says of her offspring.

Kourtney chimes in that she has taken this to even greater extremes.

"I did a week last time," Kourtney blurts out, speaking of her youngest child, Reign.

"I would try out a different name on different days," Kourtney reveals.

She clarifies: "The whole day!"

"Reign — his name was Preston, for one full day," Kourtney shares.

She explains that, by calling him by that name for a full day, she convinced Scott that Reign was better suited for their youngest child.

Kim Kardashian Speaks on Baby Names

Kimmel then asks Kim if she has a name selected yet.

"I actually do not," she admits.

"But," Kim confesses. "I was googling Armenian boys’ names last night."

"And I couldn’t really find anything," Kim admits.

Kimmel then suggests Jerry Tarkanian and receives a hefty applause.

Google tells us that this is the name of a basketball coach. Clearly, his audience includes Sports People.

"I was thinking — actually, I do have one name," Kim adds.

She reveals that "I was truthfully thinking about just naming him Rob."

She acknowledges that this would be after "my brother, Rob."

Notably, her father’s name was also Robert.

"But," Kim adds. "Then it’s like: North, Saint, Chicago, Rob."

It’s a little mundane for that group.

Of course, Kim’s brother, Rob, also stands out from the family naming convention.

Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie are very different names from Rob.

And, for the record, there are boy’s names that start with K. Some of them are even really good names.

Kim could name her child after her brother, but given that she’s sharing it in interviews, we’re guessing that she has already discarded it.

So far, her children are named after a direction, a religious title, and a city.

What Kim and Kanye will choose for Baby #4 is anyone’s guess.

We’ll all have to wait and find out.