Kendall Jenner Tells Kim She's Pregnant, Kim Doesn't Care

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Kendall Jenner just learned a hard but valuable life lesson: When she's in a panic and needs support, the LAST person to call is Kim Kardashian.

While appearing as a guest on sister Khloe's new talk show Kocktails with Khloe, the two decide to pull a prank on their big sis Kim.

Kendall dials her up and says that she's pregnant and wanted to turn to her first for support and to help her figure out what to do.

Quite a doozy to hear from your 20-year-old model sister who is rumored to be schtupping Harry Styles, a man who seems to be gunning to unseat John Mayer as music's biggest douchebag.

At first, Kim is shocked. "Are you kidding?" she exclaims.

The mother of two then wipes out any doubt that she's the world's biggest narcissist by going on a rant about her own problems.

“I mean, today is not the day," she whines. "I’m on, like, one hour of sleep 'cause, like, North was up all night and I’ve been feeding him every two seconds and literally my day has been, like, so crazy and I had no sleep and I wanna, like, die." 

"So today is I feel like, oh my god, it's so hard."

Gosh, Kim, that is SO helpful. I feel so much better and focused after hearing all about your mommy woes. Forget about me, let's talk about you and how your baby kept you up all night, as those terrible babies are wont to do.

Kendall then fake cries and Kim offers to bring over her "30 kids" so Kendall can babysit.

Khloe finally grabs the phone and lets Kim in on the prank, then calls her a "Debbie Downer" as the rest of her guests laugh and shake their heads.

Sister of the year, Kim. 

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