Hannah Ann Sluss: Is She the Next Luke Parker?!?

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Following one episode of The Bachelor Season 24, two suitors clearly stand out from all the rest.

And they share the same first name.

What are the odds, right?!?

Hannah Ann Sluss on The Bachelor

The first, of course, is Hannah Brown, who became the first-ever Bachelorette to appear on a subsequent episode of The Bachelor in order to try and woo back the man she sent home several months earlier.

Granted, this may not have been Brown's intention when she agrees to appear on Monday night's season premiere.

By the end of three emotional hours, however, Brown was awash in tears and Weber was awash in confusion after his ex-lover said she regretted selecting someone else to be her fiancee.

Might she actually stick around as a contestant this season, despite being trashed by viewers all over the place in response to her extended cameo?

We'll likely find out next Monday evening.

Hannah Brown on The Bachelor

In the meantime, the Internet is also aflutter over Hannah Ann Sluss, a 23-year old model from Tennesee who earned Peter's First Impression Rose after a night of aggressive flirting.

Not long after distinguishing herself from the other women on the show, however, Sluss found herself getting singled out for all the wrong reasons.

In fact, she's found herself getting compared to one of the most notorious Bachelor Nation personalities of all-time.

Yes, we're looking at you, Luke Parker...

Hannah Ann Sluss

During their “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast on Tuesday, Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay blasted Hannah Ann, agreeing that she came across in a sort of frightening manner on the premiere.

“I’m going say something. Don’t get mad at me,” Rachel said to kick off this segment, to which Becca replied:

"I know exactly what you are going to say."

Continued Rachel:

"We’ve only seen one episode. But you know who Hannah Ann reminds me of in the way you talk about her? Everybody say it with me now: One. Two, Three! Luke P."

My Future Wife?

Ah, yes, Luke P.

Parker made negative headlines during his run on Brown's Bachelorette season for basically being a sexist jackass.

The guy came one REALLY strong after also earning a First Impression Rose, slut-shaming Brown on multiple occasions and constantly abusing his front-runner status by butting in any time Hannah got close to some other dude.

In short, Luke sucked. Hard.

Bachelor at Work

Weber, who bore witness to Parker's actions on multiple occasions last year, was quick to shoot down the comparison.

“No, not even close. Not even close. Don’t even go there,” the ABC star said of the Suss/Parker  chatter. “She was intentional, but that’s different.”

While Becca agreed that “maybe” Hannah Ann was “intentional, not manipulative,” Rachel didn’t budge.

“Listen. You know him outside of all of that. You know him past the first episode. I’m only talking about first episode,” she explained, adding:

“We didn’t know he was like that. First episode it was like, wow, he’s really into this girl. He knows exactly what he wants. He’s very intentional in exactly what he wants to do.

"And she feels it as well. I’m just saying. We’ve only seen one episode.”

It is true that Hannah Ann stole a lot of time with Peter at the cocktail party last night.

“Hannah Ann was someone that … That girl knew exactly what she wanted coming into this and never let me question that,” Peter told Rachel and Becca.

“And I literally mean that from the beginning.

"She was the first person to steal me away for the first conversation. She was the first kind of normal kiss. Not from like the first entrances. We clicked immediately.”

Does this mean Hannah Ann will outlast the original Hannah?

You can visit our section of The Bachelor spoilers to find out!

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