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They’re fine, you guys.  Everything is great again between America’s Sweethearts.

Rob Kardashian was featured in fiancee Blac Chyna’s Snapchat on August 3rd, a sign that they are on better terms after an argument last week prompted Rob to delete all signs of Chyna on his Instagram.

In the Snapchat video, Rob uses some ethereal filter and looked a bit like My Little Pony.

"This looks funny, babe. I can’t," Rob told his lady love.

The video surfaced just days after things went temporarily south during filming of their new reality show.

"Rob just got super emotional and felt too overwhelmed," a source close to the star told People Magazine. 

"He lashed out from being frustrated, and they broke things off while they were filming. They got back together hours later."

The source pointed out that Rob and Blac did not actually break up, they just acted like two fools in love who use social media as a way to hurt one another.

Deleting all Instagrams of your beloved is the modern day equivalent to returning all of the mix tapes they made you.  It’s cold.

The source believes that being back in the spotlight is a tough adjustment for Rob, who spent the last few years in a reclusive state while battling depression and body image issues.

"Getting back in front of the cameras has been hard on Rob as he hasn’t been doing anything for a really long time now," the source pointed out.

It also seems like Rob has a tendency to be clingy.

"They were filming this weekend, and one of the people in her crew asked her to do something without him, and he snapped," another source told Us Weekly of what caused their fight.

"He was pissed that she was neglecting him again.  He always gets emotional and deletes things on social media when that happens. … But things are fine now."

Let the wedding planning continue!