Australian Broadcaster Raps About Vanilla Ice, Amuses Himself

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Sometimes newsreading can be a bit dull, so it helps to add a little flavor to your script.

This is precisely what Melbourne's Peter Hitchener did while reporting on Vanilla Ice's argument with Delta Airlines in Atlanta.

Hitchener sprinkled in some lyrics from the rapper's 1991 single, "Ice Ice Baby," and it was equal parts adorable and embarrassing (maybe 60/40).

"Rapper Vanilla Ice lost his cool after missing a flight to the US; but Peter Hitchener has his back with this fresh report," the Facebook promo for the video announced. ZING!

Ice was waiting for his Delta flgiht out of Atlanta recently, when it occurred to him that the plane had already left.  Confused and irate, Ice asked the gate agents what happened.

"I am the airport zombie today," Ice tweeted on August 1st (it's unclear whether this was before or after the argument).

"Too much travel not enough sleep. Rockstar lifestyle is not as glamorous as people think. LOL."

Ice insisted that he was sitting by both an overheard monitor and the gate, but somehow it wasn't brought to his attention that A) the plane started boarding B) the final boarding call was made.

So, Ice yelled at a gate agent who attempted to book him on another flight.

As this was happening, some a-hold thought he would chime in and offer some useless advice.

"Gotta watch the monitor, dude," the a-hole said behind the camera.

Not smart, a-hole.

"Hey, I don't need any information from you, man. Shut your f***ing mouth," Ice snapped.

Point: Ice

The rapper took to Twitter on August 2nd to address the incident.

"Sorry for offending anybody. Over caffeinated and no sleep," he tweeted.

"Wrong action but my point was right. 😊 now let's keep dancing."

Ice did, however, not apologize to the a-hole, a decision I support.

"Hahha- funniest thing about this video is the guy that was the smart ass, had a TMNT shirt on I told him he's not worthy. #Funny"

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