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More or less everyone on on the first The Single Life Tell All told Big Ed Brown to stop being a creep.

He didn’t listen. That very night, he took a brokenhearted Liz Woods back to his hotel and boned her again.

Then, he dumped her the next morning. That was a familiar feeling for Liz.

Big Ed Brown dumped Liz at least 8 times … all via text message. Gross.

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While we all know that Big Ed Brown is a seriously bad person, even his on-camera admissions are telling.

Even if his "Big Pred" side doesn’t show as much on screen, the way that he selects and treats his partners on camera has disgusted viewers.

Now, he’s returning for The Single Life Season 2, and in preparation for that, he did an interview on 90 Day Bares All.

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"So, when I saw Liz at the tell-all," Big Ed recalled to host Shaun Robinson, "I hadn’t seen or talked to her in a month."

"All these emotions and feelings just came rushing back," he described.

That was the Tell All where Ed got torn a new one by multiple castmates, including Debbie Johnson — who was absolutely right.

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Unfortunately, the volatile emotions of the Tell All somehow allowed Ed to talk Liz into coming back to his hotel room.

"We ended up spending the night together," he shared.

"The night was amazing," Ed gushed. "We just held each other."

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Shaun pressed for details (and was clearly not buying his protests), but Ed didn’t want to get specific.

"That’s all I want to say, it was amazing," he said.

"I woke up the next morning, and I just had a panic attack and was so afraid," Ed described.

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Ed said that he panicked "because I wasn’t ready to pursue us as a relationship"

"I thought I was ready," he said, "but I wasn’t."

Shaun called him out for that, but apparently it gets worse.

Big Ed Brown Kisses Liz Woods

"This is the part where I’m a s–t-head," Ed said, though that could describe any moment of his screen time.

Shaun did not hold back, telling him that this time "came awhile ago."

"No, this is like a real s–t-head," Ed protesting, somehow missing the fact that he’s a reality TV villain.

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"The plan was for us to be together in San Diego," Ed revealed.

"And I ended up telling her it wasn’t going to work," he added.

"It was a very lovely text," Ed described, "but a horrible text."

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Breaking up via text message is an infamously cold move … and this was on top of everything else.

"I destroyed her," Ed characterized. "She loved me."

He then revealed: "I broke up with her eight times via text."

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"The last time was the last time, and that was it," Ed confessed.

"And I’ve spend the last six months, Shaun, in therapy realizing what an a–hole I was," Ed alleged.

He tried to justify breaking up via text, saying that he was "weak" and could not have done it in person.

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"I never want to treat another woman like that, ever," Ed claimed.

He at least acknowledged: "I can never, ever take that behavior back."

Ed added: ‘The only thing I can do is own what I did and never do it again."

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We’re not big on conspiracy theories, but this interview has such a different tone than most of the others, even on Bares All.

Shaun is a spectacular host but is limited in terms of what she can and cannot ask or say. Production controls that.

It is very rare to hear her call out someone like this — just look at how nice they make her be to Angela Deem.

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So what does this mean? Our guess is that Big Pred’s creepiness and sexual misconduct allegations are getting harder to ignore.

He’s very polarizing and widely memed and the franchise clearly doesn’t want to drop him even though he’s a rotten person.

Their inelegant solution is for Ed to insist that he’s changed on camera and hope that his critics buy it.