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Big Ed Brown was a runaway meme and a smash success with his debut on 90 Day Fiance.

Now, he is set to return for yet another season, this time on The Single Life Season 2.

In the wake of Geoffrey Paschel’s conviction, though, fans are more leery than ever of the franchise filming terrible men.

Nicknaming him Big Pred, they want him off of their screens and out of the franchise.

Big Ed Brown claims that he deserves love (The Single Life s2 preview)

Lordakeet recently released a TikTok laying out her previously mentioned allegations against Ed Brown.

In 2016, she received an internship for school.

There, she says, she met the man who was supposed to be her mentory.

Lordakeet accuses Ed of both "sexually harassing" and "assaulting" her.

Understandably, due to possible legal issues as well as TikTok’s extremely strict rules, she does not specify.

And, honestly, the details are important info for courtrooms and prosecutor’s offices, not for reality TV viewers.

Big Ed Brown is Nervous to Date Again
Photo via Discovery+

She describes ending up hospitalized for a time and then finally coming forward to the owners of the company.

Allegedly, the business owners were unwilling to take action because Ed was profitable for them.

She left the company, hired an attorney, and worked on recovery and healing … until Big Ed joined 90 Day Fiance and became impossible to ignore.

Big Ed Brown got a bad haircut (The Single Life s2 preview)

When she first spoke out in 2020, fans had only known Ed Brown on their screens for a matter of several weeks.

Her warning was ignored by many, who could not believe (or did not want to believe) that the funny, foolish man on camera was a monster.

These days, however, Big Ed’s reputation is very different.

Ed Brown for 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

Viewers saw his treatment of Rosemarie Vega on Ed’s first season.

However, there are elements of the 90 Day Fiance audience who dislike women, people of color, and non-Americans by default.

Rosemarie fits all three of those categories. There were a number of people who frankly did not care what the Silly Mayo Hair Man said to her.

However, viewers then saw him repeat many of those same behaviors while dating Liz Woods on Season 1 of The Single Life.

Seeing him go after one low income single mom who was even younger than his daughter was one thing.

Watching him do it again? People began to wonder if he had any interest at all in dating, you know, a grown woman his own age.

Big Ed Brown Speaks to the The Single Life Confessional Camera
Photo via Discovery+

Ed was a little more careful with how he treated Liz on camera than he was with Rose after the backlash that he had faced.

It didn’t matter — because Liz took to social media and to the Tell All special to expose him for exactly how he treated her.

The emotional games, disrespecting her boundaries, the cruel threats … the man is not a good partner.

Hearing Debbie Johnson chew out Ed was the highlight of that season’s Tell All, no question.

You can see why Ed doesn’t date women even close to his own age — they have enough life experience to not put up with his nonsense.

Now, Ed is back for yet another season of The Single Life … and fans are downright disgusted to see him.

Ed Brown Works Out
Photo via Instagram

With Big Ed’s return, right on the heels of Geoffrey Paschel’s well-deserved conviction, the winds have changed.

"Holy s–t, has anyone else seen this?" a Redditor recently posted.

This, of course, was Lordakeet’s most recent TikTok video about her recollections about Ed.

90 Day The Single Life Ed Brown Tries To Kiss

"Poor girl. I canceled my discovery + subscription over the new season," one non-fan commented.

They explained that the cancelation was "because I can’t watch him again."

That commenter expressed: "My love of 90 day is wearing thin."

Photo via Discovery+

"Her storytime about it if you scroll down is sad," another lamented.

"This dude is disgusting," the redditor observed.

"The commenter opined: TLC needs to get its head out of its ass putting these scumbags on tv."